Timberland Boots from high fashion to street

Timberland Boots from high fashion to street

The fabulous Keira Knightley seems to be going from strength to strength, appearing in plenty of critically acclaimed films, including Never Let me Go and A Dangerous Method. She’s also enthralling viewers in Chanel’s stylish mini-movie for its Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. Appearing on a motorbike, she promptly seduces a photographer before driving off wearing an all-in-one jumpsuit style outfit based on the classic Italian fashion values of simplicity and style.

She also looked fantastic in this American Vogue shoot. Creative director Grace Coddington captured an unusual image of a slightly sun and wind swept Knightley on a huge rock that straddles the Kenya-Tanzania border. Her clothing had a bold mix of styles, sporting a colonial safari shirt jacket by Madewell above a blowing Thakoon parachute skirt and finished off with a pair of Timberland boots.

Timberlands were also used in the hugely successful 2010 comedy film Kick-Ass as part of actor Aaron Johnson’s superhero costume. While Knightley used the shoes to bring out a feminine, free-spirited look, Johnson’s character Dave Lizewski wears Timberland Premium Boots to portray an everyday American youth struggling to become more than an average Joe pushover.

Movie star, Mark Wahlberg, was also recently seen in a pair of Timberlands while walking out and about with his family in Los Angeles, proving that Timberlands are just about the most versatile shoe around. From high-class fashion in Vogue to fictional superhero on screen to a casual day out with the family, they’re suitable for any occasion.
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