foreign languange

Boys it's just a puzzle and the pieces they have scattered on the floor. It's a silly little game but the sentences are sc...

Boys it's just a puzzle and the pieces they have scattered on the floor.
It's a silly little game but the sentences are scribbled on the wall.
You think you have the time but we should open up the rise and the bottom of the matter is
it takes up all your time. Takes up all your time.
- Foreign Languange // Flight Facilities ft. Jess.

F21 sweater. Mango sateen shorts. Zara wedges. Ray ban caravan sunnies. Zara sling bag. 

 One of the coziest knits I own. I'm a big fan of sweater at the moment.The Ray Ban is my dad's but I think it's quite cool.

Wore this outfit to meet an old friend of mine a while ago. We have been best friends since we were in 4th grade. Time flies like an arrow, we change in the way we dress, we talk, or simply eat. I haven't meet her in 5 years because i live abroad, but during the lunch we had, it seems like we are doing this every weekend. Nothing's change. Cheers to a sweet friendship.

 love Kitchenette oreo crepes and galette!

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  1. This all-black outfit looks really cool with your hair color.
    And i always love F21 for its offering of cool sweaters!

    Putri Soe
    *join my giveaway*

  2. the sweater fits you amazingly! and i need to stock up more jumpers for this season no? :)

    Pudding Monster

  3. Beautiful photos! xx

  4. really cool outfits ! <3 that food looks so delicioussss <3

  5. love ur sweater!

  6. i love ur top! pretty as always ;)

  7. such pretty pictures! and your sweater really does look cozy :)

  8. I really love your shoes<3
    And I do love kitchenette too!<3<3

  9. I think I might need to steal your entire outfit, head-to-toe. You're looking gorgeous and your hair couldn't be more perfect! :)

  10. delicious crepes and lovely outfits!

  11. aww.. nice pose.. >< love thats heels too.

  12. You look so great darling! Love your black wedges :)

  13. omg you make me miss outfit post. Lovely knitted you got there!

    stay pretty ♥

  14. Wow!This is amazing,babe!Love,love,loooove!

  15. Fhenny, it was really nice to meet you! :)
    This outfit is so cool! I love the satin shorts

    Anyway, following you now
    Follow me back eaapph ;)


  16. you look chic with this outfit. I saw your previous post about your trip to Bali and loveee the shots. I love that you show the traditional and nature side of Bali, not just beach..beach..or clubs that most people share on their blogs . hehehe <3

  17. Lovely blog!! Would you like to follow each other on gfc?
    StephilĂ  Creations-Myfashionblog


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