F21 plaid shirt and jeans shorts. Mitju loafers.  BALI DAY 1: Finally photo set from my vacation in Bali last June. Chang...

F21 plaid shirt and jeans shorts. Mitju loafers. 

BALI DAY 1: Finally photo set from my vacation in Bali last June. Changed to this outfit upon landing and setting our feet to the Temple and Istana Tampak Siring in Kintamani area. It takes about 1 hour from our villa in Ubud by car.

We went to Lake Batur which has stunning view of both Mount Batur (above photo) and Mount Agung (below photo). The weather here is so cooling.

 The hindu people go to this temple to pray and give their offering. Besides that, there is a pond where both the local and tourist visit for a series of prayer or ask for blessing.

Kintamani trip won't be complete without trying the infamous Luwak Coffee. We tried about 4 different types of coffee and drinks. Various different coffee house are available along the road to the temple for coffee tasting, ours has a view overlooking to the paddy field. Personally i fell that luwak coffee is not as strong as other coffee, it has this distinct  fragrance, but it has quite a high level of acidity. Not my favourite, as i prefer the type like Columbian beans. Have you ever tried it?

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  1. what a really memorable holiday!
    love all pictures :D perfect!
    wish I could go there too

    visit my little cream button♥

  2. cool photosssss <33 i love that shirt!

  3. not really a fan of coffee, but I am curious of luwak coffee though! anyway, lovely photographs, fhenny :)


  4. love your shirt. and i love your photos! even in pics the scenery look so calming. can't wait to go there again :D

  5. Looks like you had a great vacation ci! Loving the shirt xx

  6. this look is laid-back cool and very wearable, and the background just matches the whole outfit. anyway, looks like you're having a great time (:

    Putri Soe

  7. never say enough for bali ya :)
    I miss there, though.

  8. bali is very beutiful.. >< love the sea and the people.

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  10. beautiful place and nice outfit!

    xo, lulu


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