shopping for the fashionista

shopping for the fashionista

Always up to date with the latest trends, the fashionista is an excellent person to have around when you need some outfit advice. But when it comes to birthdays, Christmas, and other big occasions, buying a gift for her can be tricky.

Giving your friend a gift that she clearly doesn't like is an awkward situation most of us would prefer to avoid. Thankfully, it can be easy to choose a gift that your fashionista friend will love.

  • First things first: do your research

Many people neglect the research stage when it comes to gift buying, but it’s an absolute essential, especially if you’re buying for a tricky customer. Start a few months before the event by subtly asking about favourite designers or brands. If you’ve left it to the last minute, you can be rather sneaky and have a look on her social media profiles to find out which fashion houses she follows.

  • Think outside the box: opt for experiences as gifts

If the fashion minefield is a pasture you simply don't want to cross, take a different approach and buy your fashionista an experience instead. Take her out for dinner at her favourite Michelin star restaurant, enjoy a luxury spa day together, or whisk her off for a city break weekend where she can really flex her shopping muscles.

  • Give her something she’s sure to use

If your busy schedules don’t allow for experience days, you can still impress your fashionista friend by getting her something she can use herself. For example, a subscription to her favourite fashion magazine would be a convenient gift - plus, she’ll think of you every time it comes through the letterbox. If your friend runs her own fashion blog, she might appreciate a tripod to take catalogue-quality pictures of her favourite outfits.

  • When all else fails, go traditional

If your friend really does have everything a fashionista could want, jewellery and perfume are your best bet. Again, this will require some research. Pay attention to the type of fragrance she likes. If she often wears strong, woody scents she may be left unimpressed by a sweet floral perfume. Likewise with jewellery; she might have a soft spot for silver and find gold garish.

  • Don't forget your plastic 

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