take my hand, close your eyes

take my hand, close your eyes

shop style frontier zipper dress. Zara boots. Dorothy Perkins flower crown.

etude brown eyebrow pencil, bare minerals highlighter, sephora eyeshadow and blusher. revlon super lustrous lipstick #131

my all time favourite boots and details of the lace on the shoulder. This dress features lace details on the shoulder and is available at the style frontier shop now

You seem like you love the guy.

I do? I don't know

You think you need him, that's why you cling on him. But deep down you kinda know he needs you more than you do.

He doesn't seem like it. I really don't know what I'm trying to prove. I just don't think love is give & take. I feel that some love is not even returned & that's not wrong, is it?

I won't tell you what you should do, you already know what you're supposed to do, so all you really need is get your act together & really just take the jump. But I know you well enough, and that's why I know you can't, because you're the type of person who would rather get hurt rather than hurt anyone.

I just don't know if I love him or if I'm comfortable with all the things we've done, the morning texts, good night greetings, those little things. If I break it off with him, I'm just scared I'll end up regretting it.

At the end, regrets will happen, but you know what, life will end up the way that it should. Maybe you'll know just how much he's worth at the end, but you shouldn't lose yourself, at one point he was all you've ever dreamed of. Because too much pain will make you feel numb and you'll end up being okay with him hurting you all the time. It's a kind of pain you enjoy being in. You need to stop thinking no one will love you better, do you know someone out there is wondering & trying to find ways to make you smile every day? There will be fights & arguments, but at the end, all he want to do is to put a smile on that pretty face because what makes you happy is his priority. And don't you ever dare go less than that kind of man.

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  1. Love the dress the head piece its gorgeous you look great.

  2. Loved the drees! You look amazing <3

    By the way! Can I count with your vote? I'd appreciate it so much! You can vote once per day and it'd be really helpful!

    Hannah's Heels

  3. you made the dress? omg so prettaaay!

  4. i really liked yur blog! maybe wanna stay in touch and follow each other???

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  5. Love the floral head piece girl! Thank you so much for following my blog! I'm following you back on GFC & Bloglovin:)!

  6. this is the cutest outfit i've ever seen.

    thanks for dropping by my blog babe :) really appreciate it

    i hope we can keep in touch

    im following u now :)

    xx Michelle


  7. Very pretty and elegant. I love your flowers crown :)

  8. Great look, doll! Love the all black + flower crown. :)


  9. I just followed you on GFC. Would you mind following me back? I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much! http://bambigiirl.blogspot.com/

    Benessa from the Philippines. xoxo

  10. Cute headpiece! :) x

    Karen, sincerelykn.blogspot.ca

  11. omg you look so adorable with that flower crown <3


  12. Fabulous style! You look absolutely gorgeous!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  13. lovely blog :)

  14. Nice flower crown ;)

  15. beautiful dress!
    Good outfit! <3

  16. love your hair crown

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  17. your dress fits you well, i like it! and you have good body shape:) nice flower crown btw :)


  18. Beautiful pictures. Amazing dress. I adore the flower crown!

  19. love how you put this outfit together!
    it really matches and look adorabke
    anyway you look pretty with the floral headband!


  20. Hi, nice to know your blog! love the headband anyway! <3


  21. Very pretty and elegant, your dress is beautiful :)

  22. Love the crown, looks so fresh next to your outfit :D

    Ruth x



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