lifebuoy clini-shield 10

lifebuoy clini-shield 10

As you know that i really love travelling, and this means going outdoor and exploring places. Sometimes, outdoor activities can make our skin looks dull or even getting skin rashes. To avoid that, choosing the right body soap is definitely important.

I recently tried Lifebuoy clinishield10 shower gel that is not only smells great but also helps to kill germs and bacteria. It gives 10x better germ shield than normal soap bar with its Active Naturol Shield. You only need to use a drop of the liquid body wash (coin size) on your hand or loofah it gives quite a lot of foam already. It has two different option, the red one is “complete” with the iconic lifebuoy smell and the green one is “fresh” with green clean smell. The smell last quite long and the soap itself does not give an oily effect after usage. 

So, really, say goodbye to germs and bacteria even after your outdoor activities! You can find the body wash at your nearest super market or if you stay in Jakarta and Surabaya, get it delivered to your door by Happy Fresh!

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