michelin star : one dim sum hong kong

michelin star : one dim sum hong kong

I guess one of the highlights of our trip is the food. When you go to a city or country, there must be one of the must-try food. In Hong Kong, that dish is dim sum. Taking cue from mandarin word 點心 (dian xin), it means a dish that will warm your heart. Started years ago with the "yum cha" (drink tea) tradition by the Cantonese, dim sum is served as bite sized food in steam basket to accompany your tea time.

Hong Kong is full with this humble dish, but as time goes by, dim sum becomes a culinary art by itself. There are several dishes we ordered, mainly the basic dim sum that you can find anywhere in Hong Kong, but trust me the dishes here will be one of the main reasons you visit the city.

Would love to introduce you to each dim sum, First is the "Har Gau", a steamed dumpling with shrimp filling. The outer shell was so moist and chewy at the same time and the shrimo filling is so fresh and chewy. Good har gau doesn't feel watery, but just having the perfect moist. I knew that dough kneading for dumpling needs an extra repetition and attention, else the shell will either break easily upon clapping them with the chopstick or not having the right gooey texture. Har Gau has always been my personal favourite because the dish is so simple yet endearing. 

Secondly, our favourite was the "Deep fried dumpling" in sweet sour sauce. The shell was totally crispy, like I've never tasted other fried dim sum tastier than this. Surprisingly, as crunchy as it gets, it is not oily. Next, there was the "Chee Cheong Fun", steamed vermicelli rolled with barbecued pork filling inside. The roll was soft but the pork filling was crispy, totally love the combination. 

Another cantonese classic we had is the "Siew Mai", steamed dumpling with pork and prawn filling, topped with roe. I must say that their meat quality is top notch. To complete the pairing we also ordered the "Fried Beancurd roll" and the "Turnip cake", made from shredded raddish with a mix of dried shmrip (or also called carrot cake in Singapore) 

For the sweet dim sum, we had the "Egg Custard bun" that tastes out of this world. I hate when the filling is too sweet or even has that strong egg smell. One Dim Sum's version is just perfect with the lava like filling that has both salty and sweet flavor.

Price range for the dim sum is about HKD 15 - HKD 26 per plate. The place itself is located nearby Prince Edwart MTR, just about 8 minutes walk. The place not so big, but is so crowded though. We came for brunch and we had to wait for around 40 minutes until we get our seat. There's no regret in queueing for this authentic experience.

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  1. The food looks really delicious :D
    Hope you are having a wonderful day


  2. if it is crowded, then the food must be delicious and must be something you'll come back to. :)

    xoxo, rae

  3. This place looks delicious! I've always wanted to go to Hong Kong!

  4. Everything looks so delish, girlie! Thanks for sharing and I hope you're having a great day so far!



  5. Ooooh, everything looks amazing + sounds so tasty!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. Yummm I love dim sum food so much! Just seeing your food is making me crave for it... :( I just wish there were more good dim sum places around my area.



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