How To Make Conscious Fashion Choices

How To Make Conscious Fashion Choices

In today's millennial age, most of the people we know, or maybe including ourselves, prefer to have a fast paced life and getting everything in the snap of your fingers. From the best shortcut to your home, being the first to know all the news, to the instant noodle on your table.

In the midst of this bustling city, I am so glad to attend The Conscious Festival organized by Green is the New Black and meet like minded people who aware of the impact of the choices we make daily.  Choices are statements about our priorities and what we value the most. As our small choices will turn into a habit, it is better for us to determine our goal first and decide how our choices will support our goal. It may apply to various aspects of our life, but today I would like to discuss our fashion choices. 

Do you even realize how many pieces of clothing you buy yearly and how many ended up being unworn? As shared by Raye Padit from Connected Thread Asia, average Singaporeans buy 34 new fashion items yearly and 27 of them will be thrown away or unworn within a year. Besides that, on average people don't use 70% of what they have in their closet regularly. 150.000 tons of textile and leather is considered as waste in Singapore.

While rechecking ourselves and whether this figures hit us, I believe we need to ask what am I buying and how long it going to last? Do I buy this item only because it is on sale? Will I wear this in the long run? Where do these clothes come from and who make them? There are several things we have to keep in mind while determining our fashion choices which are people. the planet, and power. The reality is that for every $70 dress you buy in fast fashion retail, the worker will only get $2. This makes us think about ethical labor and manpower. For every pair of jeans you wear, it takes 1800 gallons of water to produce. Will you waste your fashion items away and hurt the ecosystem just because you get it cheap? Lastly, who could have changed all of this? You, yes, you, because you have the power to do so! If you ask me how? 

Here are three steps to have a better decision for your wardrobe:

1. Know where your clothes come from
Do your clothes tell a story? Do you know who makes them? Get information on where it is produced and whether the brand uses an organic material or support a certain organization. For example, the brand Baliza, a clothing brand selling beautiful handmade kaftan and also support women from India through Ladli foundation. I believe you will be more proud when people ask you where do you get your clothes from? and know that it comes from a brand that not only produces a fascinating piece of clothing but also supports a cause. See 10 eco-conscious brands you should know here.

2. Invest in quality and buy only what you'll wear in the long run
As we have sustainability in mind, know what makes you feel different about the clothes you are going to buy before buying the item. If you don't think you are going to wear the item for another two years or so, forget it cause it's gonna be such a waste. It is also better to invest in better quality clothing that will last more than 5 years, instead of buying a new piece every month but it only lasts for 3 months or so.

3. Recycle through Swapping or DIY
Aside from giving your unused clothes to charity, now you can also swap your clothing item with someone else. Through various events, Swapaholic encourages people to give out their unwanted clothing pieces to get another person's clothes in return. Saving the earth while saving your money, how cool is that? On the other hand, doing fun DIY never gets old!

(some products found at Green is The New Black Event that is ethically made)

Remember that fashion is a very powerful form of culture and you have the power to do the eco fashion revolution. Trust me, that you are more than just a brand of clothing you wear. So what are the other steps you have to make a better fashion purchasing decision? Share with us in the comment box below!

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  1. Great tips! I don't know how I'm going to DIY my clothes or something. I think I need to learn how to do it :)


  2. Great pointers you've got there. I'm really shocked to see the fact on how much of water is wasted in producing one jeans. Though, I've been recently searching for brands that value quality. I'm think twice before making new clothing purchases.


  3. Such a powerful post! Blogosphere has lead to people buying clothes non stop and wasting! These clothes swap events are perfect!


  4. I agree about investing in quality. I don't see the point in spending a lot on products that will just not last for you :) This was such a lovely post and I love your tips.

  5. These are great tips that you've listed here. It is important to be smarter when it comes to what we invest in fashion!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  6. Great pieces of advice! Couldn't agree more.



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