commune space pluit village

commune space pluit village

A lot of you asked where was the location of my last post, guess what? It is in Jakarta area called Commune space. It is a new collective space showcasing local brands and eateries in Pluit Village. The tenants are Hygge, Le Diliel, Onnie, Lewis and Caroll Tea, and Florie Florist. It is great to see this empty space is being utilized for an exciting collaboration between local players.

We were mostly sitting at Hygge, therefore these photos. Hygge is a local coffee shop which also has a new retail store just beside the cafe. They sell homewares, accessories as well as local clothing brands.

Hygge's interior is super cozy. I could sit all day.

This is how the exterior looks like. Super cute as they have outdoor space.

We ordered this gastronomical dessert from Le Diliel. it is actually Kopyor dessert but the presentation is mind blowing. We love how the chef being so creative about the ingredient. Jackfruit and the other fruits are served in popping little baloons. In the traditional dessert, the syrup is poured on top of shaved ice, but now the syrup is in the form of bubbles. Tottally reccommended!

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