24 hours Da Nang

24 hours Da Nang

We visited Da Nang on our Vietnam trip for a break. I mean literally a break. I got so many recommendations of what to do in Da Nang, but my main reason is to visit the beach. Da Nang, but my main reason is to visit the beach. I guess it is one of the holidays where I can just relax and do nothing - even minimal social media updates. In this millennial age, having a quiet quality time for yourself is indeed a luxury.

1. How to go to Da Nang

Our previous city before disembarkation was Ho Chi Minh. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes flight from Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang. There are several airlines go between cities. We took Vietnam airlines (cost about S$55 which is very reasonable). Flight between Da Nang and Hanoi, the other main city is also 1 hour and 20 minutes.

2. How to get around in Da Nang

We get around by Grab Car. The mobile app is very popular in Vietnam (similar to Uber in Europe) It’s decently priced as well and they pick you up  very fast!

3. Beach in Da Nang

Da Nang mainly has several beaches in the South, namely My Khe, Pham Van Dong, My Anh, and Non Nuoc stretching all the way from Son Tra Peninsula. The beach area and the city centre is connected by two bridges, the Han River Bridge and Dragon Bridge. The luxury resorts are mainly located in Non Nuoc Beach and it is such a quiet and pristine getaway amidst the busy city. See my full post about our hotel review here.

4. What we ate in Da Nang

Possibly one of the best dishes in my life 😂 Com tam (translated as broken rice) is one of Vietnamese dishes, served with succulent grilled pork, fried egg with runny yolk, and a bowl soup on the side. This hidden gem itself is a humble kopitiam tucked in a small lane in the heart of Da Nang. It was 9am in the morning as we went straight to this place from airport. To our surprise, the shopkeepers don't speak airportenglishenglish. To our surprise, the shopkeepers don't speak fortunatelyvietnamese while they only understand very limited english, we did a sign languange combination + google translate 😂. fortunately they kindly let us in while they quickly cooked the first plate of the day 

We were also craving for Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) and we were so lucky to find this little stall nearby. From Com Tam Ngon, walk towards your right until you find a junction, just cross the road (Distance between Banh Mi stall and Com Tam Nuon is about 220m

5. Other attractions

There is an amusement park in Da Nang, called Asia Park. It has a giant ferris wheel enabling you a 360 degrees view of the city. Aside from that, Da Nang is also famous for the highland resort or the French Village, Ba Na Hill. You can take a cable car to this area, enjoy sightseeing, visit the pagoda, or just enjoying the view.

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