Gastromaquia Christmas Menu

Gastromaquia Christmas Menu

In this holiday season, I'm sure there are many restaurants offering holiday menu. One of the place to go for a Christmas dinner in Jakarta in Gastromaquia. Through the month of December, they are offering a Christmas package with a reasonable price.  I went there for a dinner in early December with my colleagues. If you want to see my full review, read on below.

Qastromaquia is a Spanish restaurant located in Senopati, Jakarta. Built in 2008 by Hugo Ecolios Roldan and Ramon Figuls Palos in Madrid, it has won Tripadvisor certificate for excellence in three consecutive rows. Then, they decided to expand the business in Jakarta. This two storeyed restaurant is a great choice if you are looking for a chill and homy restaurant in CBD area. When we came, the place was already decked in festive christmas ornaments.

The Qastromaquia Christmas Package is a set of entree, main, dessert, and drinks that you can choose. It costs IDR 275.000 / person. We had the garlic butter prawn (appetizer), pan fried salmon with asparagus risotto (main), and pannacotta with raspberry sauce.

Overall we really love the garlic butter prawn as it is light but still tasty. The salmon risotto was cooked to perfection. I'm not a fan of cooked salmon in general, but this one was well made. The risotto also tastes great!

Meanwhile, the dessert was also nice for you sweet tooth. On the other hand, I was not really into the mocktail as it was too sour for my taste. Perhaps it will suits those who love refreshing and sour drinks.

Aside from the christmas menu, we also tried their pasta! The first one was spaghetti soaked in spicy creamy sauce. The second one was aglio olio with prawn and calamari. Totally love their homemade pasta as it has a balance taste.

Thank you @clozetteid @gastromaquia for the invite!

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  1. Everything looks so pretty and neat! Lovely photos ☃ ❄

    Blog de la Licorne

  2. I love the plating of those dishes ! Look so yum and rich! Sadly I read this when Christmas is already over :(



  3. Stunning photos!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase


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