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We had a chance to venture to one of Bali's hidden beaches in the Bukit Peninsula. Bukit peninsula is a stretch of stunning shoreli...

We had a chance to venture to one of Bali's hidden beaches in the Bukit Peninsula. Bukit peninsula is a stretch of stunning shoreline with limestone cliffs all the way from Jimbaran to Uluwatu. This time we visited the Thomas Beach and Padang Padang Beach in Uluwatu area. Known to diehard surf fanatics, the turquoise tinted ocean is a lovely sight for the eyes

According to the locals there are two sides of Padang Padang Beach. The more popular stretch is the one nearby the Suarga Padang Padang or Labuan Sait Beach where waves are more prominent for surfers. Prior to this is a bridge connecting the limestone where you can look down to the beach. The entrance to this beach is just nearby.

We decided to go to the other side called Thomas Beach since we are not doing any surfing (there's a point of Thomas Beach on Google Map) that is more quite and is super secluded! To go to Padang Padang Beach area, you need to take a bike or car towards Uluwatu. We stayed in the premises and our villa was just about 400m walk to the entrance of the beach. There's a sign opposite La Baracca cafe (can search it in Google map) and there you go. You just need to walk through the path then you'll be in front of a steep cliff. Walked down the stairs below to reach this pristine beach. Hidden behind all the eateries and secluded, this beach is so quiet and relaxing.

We went here on the first day of January, the sun was shining, and there were only several people on the beach (it almost feel like a private beach) Come early morning to avoid the crowd. There are several small stalls at the beach that sells drinks, beer, and coconut water. You can also rent a beach sunbed if you want to. We took some time to chill and have sun tan on the beach overlooking the nice water gradient. There aren't much food around aside from the local warung, if you want something more fancy, I will suggest you to have food at La Baracca, Suka Espresso, or outside Corner. (more about these eateries on the next blog post)

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