aeroculata | indonesian jewelry online

aeroculata | indonesian jewelry online

aeroculata | indonesian jewelry online

Aeroculata is a Indonesian jewelry online shop that offers ready to wear and personalised jewelry for you. Finding a good and affordable jewelry can be tricky, but I'm glad to find a brand that answers the worry. Furthermore their price point is quite affordable, so you don't have to break your bank. Read more of my review below!


Aeroculata jewelry is a handcrafted gold plated stainless steel that won't go rusty. I am glad that they also provide a lifetime warranty where you can send back your jewelry for polishing. Talking about quality, their gold plated material is quite durable. As long as you don't spray perfume and take care of it well, it will last.

indonesian jewelry online

aeroculata review

They have different designs, some are adorned with gemstones. This Leon necklace is one of their collection that embodies vintage look but with a modern twist. I love a simple minimalist jewelry that would lasts for seasons to come. This necklace can be worn daily to add a spark to your outfit without looking too much.

indonesian jewelry online shop

If you want a fine jewelry made of 18k real gold or diamond adornment, you can also order it and personalise is with Aeroculata Fine Jewelry. Isn't that great?

So, what is your favourite jewelry type?

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