ubud restaurants: best healthy dining

ubud restaurants: best healthy dining

Ubud restaurants: best healthy dining

There are many healthy Ubud restaurants perfect for those looking for a healthier dining option or if you are a vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian. I think Bali is one of the cities in Indonesia where you can find all sorts of healthy food in every corner. This time, I will share with you some of my favourite restaurants in Ubud, Bali.

Bali Buda

Located near the Ubud Market, Bali Buda is a one stop shop for restaurants and buying your healthy nutrition needs. For food we ordered the omelette and the buda toast. For drinks we tried their cappuccino and soya milk, they were so delicious! See the Bali Buda menu details here. After eating we headed downstairs to their shop which is a part of a package free shop. There are many local and imported ingredients available such as herbs, medicine, tea, body products, and many more.
Address: 1 Jembawan Road


Watercress is one of my favourite restaurants in Ubud as it has various menu to choose from. It is probably one of the restaurants that I always visit again and again every time I am in Ubud. Actually they have other locations in Seminyak, but I prefer the one in Ubud better. They serve great coffee, rustic breakfast, and bakery menu to choose from. You can easily spot this Ubud restaurant as it is located at the main Monkey Forest Road.
Address: Monkey Forest Road

Suka Espresso

An old time favourite, Suka Espresso delivers a variety of western menu from burger, sandwich, pizza, pasta, to the usual breakfast granola bowl. They have both vegetarian and non vegetarian option, so all of your friends can come and try. I must mention that they serve amazing coffee as well and they also have their own Suka Espresso blend.


Fans of raw food rejoice! Alchemy is well known as one of the raw food restaurant in Ubud that makes delicious salad, cakes, soup, and many more. I love how fresh their ingredients are and there are so many dishes you can try. Alchemy's location is a bit hidden though, which is at Penestanan Kelod Road near The Blanco Renaissance Museum. See the full review of Alchemy here.

Mudra Cafe

I accidentally found this place upon strolling towards Ubud Market. Tucked in the small lane of South Gotama, the cafe is adorned with industrial style interior. It is open from 10 am to 5 pm. I ordered their brunch menu Josh Rosli which is breakfast set of roti with egg, spinach, avocado, and mushroom. Other menu includes granola bowls, pancake stack, smoothie bowls, sashimi poke, curry, dim sum and many more. They also serve various pastries and coffee. Most probably I will be back to try their other menu.

Clear Cafe

Located at the road of Hanoman, Clear cafe provides a little sanctuary in Ubud. Primarily Clear Cafe is a vegetarian and a vegan restaurant, but it has a Pescatarian menu as well. I love how the space has an open concept so you can enjoy the natural surrounding. They also have another branch in Canggu which includes a yoga studio.

Seeds of Life

A raw food restaurant, tonic bar, and yoga shala all in one, Seeds of Life is one of my favourite Ubud restaurants. It is located at the small road of Gootama where there are a lot of interesting shop lined up. Aside from the cafe, it also teaches raw food certification, so you can check it out if you are interested. Don't forget to join their ashtanga yoga class when you drop by.
Address: 2 Gootama Road

Green Rabbit

Another healthy cafe at Penestanan Road, Green Rabbit is relatively new. They serve vegan and vegetarian menu as well as Coffee by Ruster's Bali. I ordered their for vegetarian brosch takeaway dinner which consists of beetroot, cabbage, carrot, onion, and mushroom soup combination with a piece of sourdough and cream on the side. I was surprised of how good it tastes despite of how it looks.  Other menu includes curry, vegetarian bolognese, basil pasta, pumpkin chowder, greek salad, and many more.

Sai Prema Vegetarian

A special mention to this quaint warring located at Penestanan area. The menu varies daily but everything is vegetarian. With 30k I got their brown rice, vegetables, sautéed beans, friend mushroom, and also vegetarian satay (made of soy). The place is operated by a friendly old lady and their husband. I feel that it is quite famous as it is always quite crowded. This type of home cooked meal is one of a kind in the area, so I really recommended the place.

I will update this space if I have found more interesting healthy cafes. Feel free to share your favourite healthy cafe in your town in the comment section below!

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  1. This food looks delicious!
    Stay safe!
    Kisses, Paola.


  2. Yum, all these different dishes look so tasty! thanks for sharing! We never used to eat out a lot but I'm really missing that we can't just walk into a restaurant now, everything is takeaway only or the place is shut here :(

    Hope that you had a great weekend! :) We had a quiet one at home of course!

    Away From Blue

  3. So hungry now, craving breakfast for dinner hehehe! Great round up of locals. Love the ceiling detail at Watercress.


  4. I´ve never been to Bali yet, but it´s definitely on my travel bucket list. I´ve set a bookmark at this page, so thx vor all the recommendations, they will be very useful then. Have a lovely new week dear, love x S.Mirli

  5. This place looks perfect!!


  6. The food looks and sounds amazing! Perfect when you can eat more healthy desserts! Xx


  7. The place looks awesome and the food is making me hungry!


  8. ¡¡Hola!! Realmente se ven fantásticos estos restaurantes. Todo muy apetecible y muy bien presentado. Gracias por estas recomendaciones. Besitos.

  9. That food looks so delicious. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  10. That restaurant seems a very nice place to relax and enjoy a good (and healthy) meal!
    Amazing photos, everything seems delicious!!!

  11. All of these places look so delicious! You are making me hungry! I'd love to go to Bali someday!

  12. YUM! Everything looks delish, and I'm officially hungry now <3

    Green Fashionista

  13. All this food looks amazing! Would love to try several of these places.


  14. Looks amazing, my friend! Hoping you are doing well during the COVID-19! Be well and stay safe!

  15. We always enjoy the healthier restaurants. It looks like the selections are amazing there.

  16. OMG this all looks sooooooo good! Wow I dream of the day when I will be able to eat out again.

    Allie of

  17. Everything looks amazing! It's great that there are so many options. It's really hard to find healthier options when eating out where I live, especially if you have dietary requirements. Alchemy sounds incredible x


  18. Not sure if that is a picture of cheesecake, but YUM!!!



  19. Ufff this made my mouth watering, specially in these weird days where my trips to the kitchen are increasing haha!

    I love that these places are great decorated and they invite you to stay there for hours to have a chill time!


  20. Omg i'm hungry =)!

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  22. So delicious!! In particular, the cake at Alchemy restaurant!
    Thank you for sharing:)


  23. What a charming place. Food looks amazing!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  24. Omg this post is making me hungry. The thing I miss most about life before quarantine is eating out. I haven't been to Bali or Ubud yet but it is definitely on my list and I want to eat at all of these places when I go! Thanks for sharing!



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