how to support local business during closure

how to support local business during closure

How to Support Local Business During Closure

As government in different countries mandate for social distancing, a lot of local businesses has been closed for the mean time. Nevertheless, there are some ways to support them from home. Here are my favourite ways of how to support local business during closure.

1.Order Online Food Delivery

At the moment I'm balancing of cooking at home vs ordering food online. In a week I will cook for five days a week, then do an online food delivery twice a week. The most effective way to support local restaurants, eateries, and bakeries are by ordering them online or getting a takeaway if possible. Local food deliveries like foodpanda, deliveroo, and grab food has been helping us immensely. Don't forget to give a little extra tip for your driver to make their day.

2.Shop Online

I personally don't feel like shopping for unnecessary things during this period, but whenever I need to shop, i must make sure it is worthwhile. Furthermore, I still have friends who are celebrating birthday, anniversary, or who just gave birth. I would send them gifts from local brands that has online shopping options as it is the easiest way to browse for gifts without going out.

3.Get a Membership/subscription

If you have a local shop that you really love, you can still support them by applying for a membership that extends the benefit for another 6 months or 12 months to come. My favourite bookstore is having a super membership which will they send a book every month to my address. Isn't it great? Try to see if your local businesses are having a similar membership or subscription option.

4.Buy Gift Card for Future Use

Love certain products but can't pay a visit during social distancing? Why not buy a gift card for future use? Gift card is also a great way for friend's birthday, anniversary, etc. I know that various salon and spa, whether they are independent or belong to a hotel chain, have been circulating gift card online  for purchase. So, check your to go salon or spa if they have one.

5.Get Online Class Instead of Going to the Gym

Since gym is categorised as non-essential service, a lot of our favourite fitness center and boutique gym has been suffering from closure. On the other hand, these gym are shifting their classes online. Therefore, it is safer for you and there's no more excuse of not exercising.

6.Share Their Page in Instagram or Blog

The easiest way as how to support local business during closure is by sharing their username or page in your instagram or blog. It is free and easy to do and I believe everyone can do that. So in order to do so, please feel free to download / save my IG story template below and mention your favourite your local businesses! Don't forget to tag me @stylefrontier so I can share them as well (:

List of My Favourite Local Business in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta


Pasta Bar DIY Pasta
Want to cook your own pasta but don't want the hassle? Pasta Bar Singapore offers at home DIY Pasta that is pre-prepared. Choose from a ready to bake lasagne, hand cut tagliatelle, to salumi. You also can choose the portion (for 2,4,or 6)

Plain Vanilla Bakery delivery
One of my favourite local bakery is still open and providing take out delivery for cakes (perfect for birthday) and breakfast bakery options like banana cake and their famous cupcakes. Order Plain Vanilla Bakery online.

The Projector
Cinemas across the island is having a closure until further notice. Independent cinema like The Projector also need to be closed during this time. To support them, you can buy a 10 packs future ticket for 18 months validity or adopt a seat with your name or favourite quote on it.

Books Actually
This local independent book store located at the quaint Yong Siak street has been my favourite for years since my college days. Aside from selling imported books, they also produce their own books under Math Paper Press. During the social distancing period, Books Actually is still open for online store purchase with a free worldwide delivery shipping until 10 April. You can also apply for Books Actually membership where they will send a free book monthly to your house that is published by them.

Yoga Plus
As social distancing applies even stricter this week, many gym are reducing the number of participants. Yoga Plus now provides at home workout that they marked as "virtual" which you can purchase through their website or via Classpass.

28 Hong Kong Street
One of my favourite bars in Singapore, 28 Hong Kong Street is bringing a party vibe to your home. My go to 28 Mezcal Negroni should not be missed! Other than that, you can also get other types of cocktails like Last Bear (smooth fresh peach mixed with herb) or The Fess (rum and chocolate) and many more. What's better the bar team will greet you via zoom call with every order. They will explain the cocktails in details and also share the bar's playlist with you. Order through WhatsApp +6583180328 or email findus@28hks.com

Wheels On The Bar
Do you miss going to your favourite bar? Wheels On The Bar brings you your favourite cocktails to your doorstep. Browse more than 20 local bars like Shin Gi Tai, Jigger and Pony, and many more. After that choose their signature drinks to be enjoyed at home. 100% of the proceed go to the bar and you only pay an extra $12 for islandwide delivery.


I recently review VCR Cafe and now as the movement control order applies, they serve the VCR @ home pack, coffee, and brunch menu delivery. This package will help you to recreate their favourite breakfast menu as it consists of sourdough, sausages, and more. Order through Beep it or Grab.

Flow Studio
Miss going for your yoga class? Flow Studio is having a package of at home workout that will progress weekly. The classes cover flow foundation, yin yoga, core sculpt pilates and many more. Follow the Flow Studio at home work out for as low as RM199 for 34 classes.

Rage Coffee
Rage Coffee and Social Club is well known for their fun concept and various drinks offer. You can still order via app and get your favourite coffee, juice, or matcha latte from their Bangsar branch. They have also extended their delivery radius to Mont Kiara, Bukit Damansara, SS2, SS17, and Seapark.

Three X Co Cocktail Delivery
For those longing for a happy hour at home, fret not, Three X Co is doing craft cocktail delivery to Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar, Damansara, and Petaling Jaya. Choose from six available cocktails like Lazy Negroni to Eastern Poem. Asides from that, they also have gin care package and whisky care package for your at home enjoyment.


Selected charity in Indonesia: 10.000 APD (Protective gear for the frontliner)

Toko Kopi Tuku
Tired of ordering different coffee everyday? Now you can order a one litre coffee from Toko Kopi Tuku. Online delivery is one of my favourite ways as how to support local business during closure. Available for order through Toko Kopi Tuku tokopedia page, you should order them on 10 pm for delivery next day.

Oma Elly DIY Menu
Cooking at home never been easier with Omma Elly Diy menu. Eating a restaurant menu at home will make your day better. Choose from different types of pasta, like truffle cream sauce, beef ravioli, squid ink spaghetti, and many more.

Union restaurants are still open but they are adjusting their opening hours. Get your cake and coffee fix through their promotion. Even better, if you miss your favourite cocktails, you can order their cocktails to go. Perhaps it's a good idea to get that negroni after all!

What is your favourite way to support local brands during this challenging time? If you have any local business that you like, don't forget to share with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Some really great tips here! It's so important for us to support smaller local businesses during this turbulent time xo

    Makeup Muddle

  2. Thank you for sharing many great informations!
    I am really interested in BooksActually!! I just the HP, and there are many books with beautiful covers!
    I have published my books in Japanese, so I would love to try to translation into English and share as the free books in the world :)


  3. great tips....so many tasteful foods...yummy

    # Stay safe, healthy and virus free

  4. Really important to help keep businesses we love going during this difficult time. Great suggestions x


  5. A lots of places I like here in Brooklyn are closed during this time. I really can't wait to go out again a:)

  6. I am actually trying to do it with Italian brands. I hope we can help our economy and local businesses!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. ¡¡Hola!! El comercio local y pequeño es el que más está sufriendo en estos días de cierre, muchos no van a poder soportar esta situación y cerrarán. Es una pena. En estos momentos también son muchas las familias que han visto sus ingresos disminuidos y no están para hacer extras en compras, pero tu iniciativa es muy buena, y claro, entre todos, tenemos que hacer que esto funcione. Besitos.

  8. This is so important more now than ever. It's these businesses that need our help.

  9. These are great examples of how to support small/local businesses, and they need our help more than ever during this crazy time. I've been trying to do many of these, and try to support them as much as possible in my area.

    Make Life Marvelous

  10. This is good advice! We don't eat out often but we are thinking about ordering more takeaway to support the places around us that are only open for takeout! :) Sadly the sports the kids loved before the changes don't work so well online! We did try but they weren't that interested in watching it through a screen (we don't have a lot of screen time) so found it hard to stay motivated and follow a long.

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend :) We all stayed home and stayed safe, hope you did too.

    Away From Blue

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend :) We all stayed home and stayed safe, hope you did too.

    Away From Blue

  11. These are great tips on helping small business!


  12. Awesome tips, yes we should all support our local businesses!


  13. This is so wonderful! Even though we can't go outside we can definitely do lots online :)


  14. What an amazing and inspiring post. It´s absolutly important to support your local restaurants and shops. I´ve bought several gift cards to use afterwards. Thanks for sharing these amazing places. Take care and stay safe dear, love x S.Mirli

  15. These are some wonderful tips to share! I totally agree with food delivery and shopping online ❤

    Blog de la Licorne * Instagram * We♥It

  16. Such a great post :-) We have now so many possibilities to support our favorite companies. It's good if you still have a money to do it from time to time just order some online food delivery - thanks for this small steps this all companies have to chance to survive :-)

  17. That's right, these are difficult times for some shops, studios and restaurants at the moment. Since we always cook mainly at home and do not shop a lot, we do not promote restaurants or online shops. But I go to a sports studio in normal times and now do home training at the same studio. And we also do online yoga training. Fortunately, we can still go for walks or bike rides in Austria alone or with the close family! Have a good time despite Corona times!
    Hugs, Traude

  18. This is so true. Small businesses have been hit hard by this pandemic. https://kaynuli.com/nipsey-hussle-quotes/

  19. Super interesting and useful post!
    Firstly beacause really I didn't think to support my fav brands and shops and second because I'm doing too yoga classes at home everyday (I'm using AloMoves app)and now wanna check your suggestions! :)

  20. Such an interesting post!

  21. These are wonderful suggestions and I love your list so we can share on social media! I was surfing my small local businesses this weekend and came up with a few things I could buy but I really can't justify buying new things before I purge my closet. And there weren't a lot of the small boutique businesses that had online stores :( Hopefully they're madly working to set them up. Gift cards are great (unless the person you're buying for doesn't live anywhere near the stores). I think maybe just buying the gift cards for ourselves and then spending them at some point in the future might work for me, though. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas!


  22. Great post! I think it's important to support small business if you can during this difficult time. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Great post, it's so important to do that right now!!


  24. These are awesome ideas, darling! Yay for online fitness classes and online shopping!


  25. Love this post, we've been supporting our locals by getting takeaways from them, when we'd normally go out to eat to them. I've also been supporting smaller online businesses like on notonthehighstreet etc who do lovely postbox gifts, great for family members xx


  26. Excellent tips here on how to support small and local businesses. Thanks so much for this useful information!

    Allie of

  27. These are great tips! I have been looking into places in my hometown that deliver. :)

    Perla Lifestyle Blog

  28. Me encantó el post, gracias por compartirlo. Besos.

  29. Hello
    It is very important that we support local businesses in this lockdown phase. great tips


  30. These tips are gold! It's so important to support the businesses. I'm also shopping a lot on Etsy :)


  31. These are such a great tips and ideas!
    I love the idea that we all need to support and pick up each other.
    I will make an effort so I make the right impact to others :)



  32. What a wonderful post. We definitely have to support our local business if we are able to.

  33. Girl I'm with you on this one, I also have a small business and I heavily rely on word of mouth and the help of others to get my brand out there <3 I sell personalised online jewellery :)

    I loved this post <3 and hope you're keeping safe <3

    Serene xoxo


  34. These are all fantastic tips! We don't often eat out, but have been ordering take out from local restaurants once a week now. It's fun to try new places and get a break from cooking!

  35. I order food delivery one time in week and i shop online :)

  36. Great tips, I have been ordering a lot online from local shops and I hope this helps in some little way xx

    Elegant Duchess

  37. These are brilliant ideas! Getting a subscription is such a great way to continuously support businesses through this challenging time. Thank you for sharing your suggestions! <3 xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

  38. As we try to stay safe it's important to also try to support local businesses as much as possible. We've been ordering delivery and buying gift cards.

  39. Hi dear! Thanks for these amazing tips, this is the most important time to support local business and specially those with a small platform.

    There's an iniatitive in Barcelona where you can buy a dinner card and use it one it all happens!

    I'm sharing these tips with my friends here!

    Stay safe!


  40. Local stores are very important now❤

  41. Gift cards are such a great way to support independent businesses at the moment! It's something that I never thought of doing so thanks for suggesting it :) x


  42. So true we must keep supporting local small businesses Thanks for the guide here Happy Easter darling xoxo Cris

  43. Hi! Interesting and useful tips. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice day!

  44. Such great ideas, i have a few friends birthdays coming up and i will be gifting them gift cards :)

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  45. Such a clever and helpful post! I didn't know some of these things can be done these days like buying gift card for future use.


  46. Very good tips! :)
    We really have to support each other right now.


  47. Thank you for sharing these fantastic ideas!
    I have done shopped through online :)

    Be safe!

  48. Before the pandemic I prefer buying my food from small restaurants that are run by a family, I just find their food much better. Luckily, there are app delivery services where I can buy food from them even during pandemic. It really helps the economy going.

    Anyway, stay safe and healthy!

    xx Alyssa | STYLEVANITY

  49. These are such a great tips. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  50. These are all wonderful ideas! Every once in a while my boyfriend and I treat ourselves to food delivery so we try to support local shops then :)

    My Lovelier Days

  51. Great ideas to support local businesses. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

  52. Really great tips! It is important to help these businesses. We also try to order out a few times, I feel like it's the least we can do and it also helps us not run through our groceries lol! Thanks for sharing doll! I really enjoyed reading this post!
    Stay safe!

    Des | https://www.itsbetterinheels.com

  53. Thanks for the tips and indeed I am so for supporting local brands. Especially during the time, they need your support the most! Enjoying your blog!

    Simone xoxo

  54. These are really great tips, and it's so important to support local business, now more than ever!
    Julia x

  55. Such an inspiring post, I personally do a lot more of local online shopping, especially household products and as a small business owner myself I totally get the importance of supporting local businesses, every little action counts. Stay safe,

  56. un buen post, hay que apoyar al negocio local en estos momentos, me encantan las imagenes que has puesto

  57. Sporo kupuję teraz on-line. :)


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