kyoto food | restaurants, coffee, bar

kyoto food | restaurants, coffee, bar

Kyoto food | restaurants, coffee, bar

Kyoto food scene is a balance of the old and the new. There are many restaurant branches but also many local ones as well. Check out my recommendations below for restaurants, coffee shops, and bar to try in Kyoto.

Kyoto Restaurants

1. Ichiran Ramen
Ichiran ramen is no longer a stranger in Kyoto food scene. This chain ramen is very popular all over Japan and they even have several branches in other country. The queue in this restaurant is always long, so make sure to come before the exact lunch or dinner time. Upon entering the dining area, you'll order the menu through a machine where you can pick your order and insert the money.

2. Sushi no Musashi Kyoto Station
Nothing is more comforting than enjoying fresh sushi for lunch. The Sushi no Musashi is a sushi restaurant where you can pick your desired menu from the rotating conveyor belt. All of the sushi are fresh, even though there are no fancy menu. Eating that fresh sashimi and scallop is such a bliss.

3. Teuchi Udon Kendonya
If you love Udon more than ramen, you can try this Teuchi Udon Kendonya. Located near the Fushimi Inari Shrine. The famous menu here is their beef curry udon noodle, beef udon, and tonkatsu (pork cutlet). The udon is made fresh daily and the soup is so think and rich.

4. Yasai Hori
Yasai Hori is a restaurant that has no fix menu as the chef will prepare different dish each day. You have to have a reservation as this place only seats a few. The restaurants is famous for their freshly prepared vegetable dishes like the mouthwatering fried lotus root but they also have meat and fish based menu like the cooked rice with mackerel. It is common to order many different dishes in this restaurant. You can expect to spend about 10,000 yen for 7 dishes (for two people).

5. Eirakuya Head Shop (Dessert Shop)
Eirakuya is a famous shop in Kawaramachi area, selling dessert, sweets, and confectionery for souvenir. The Japanese is well known for their crafts and food and I believe Eirakuya sums it all. You will swoon over fantastic packaging and dessert. I feel like I want to eat them all. Popular menu include Matcha shaved ice, mochi, pudding, dorayaki, green tea, and many more. You can eat your dessert at the cafe on the second floor and also bring some home for your loved ones. 

Kyoto Food at Nishiki Market

I always love to visit a traditional market wherever I go. Fortunately, Japan has so many attractive markets to visit no matter where you are. One of the most popular market in Kyoto is Nishiki Market. Located near the downtown area, this market is packed with both tourists and locals alike. You can find rows of stalls selling fresh produce, seafood, sweets, household items, and many more. Spend an afternoon here and indulge on various food sold here. I'm sure, your tummy will thank you ! You can find many street food like the tako tamago, mocha, dumplings, strawberries, okonomiyaki, and many more. It's really the perfect way to try all the Japanese street food on your list. The market closes at about 5.30 pm on daily bases (4.30 pm on Saturdays). The easiest way to visit it is by taking the Karasuma subway line and alight at Shijo Station or you can the bus number 4, 5, 17, 26, 73, 205.

Kyoto Coffee Shop

1. Kurasu Kyoto
Before going to Japan, I researched about a lot of coffee shops. Knowing that I'm going to visit Kyoto, this particular Kurasu Coffee Shop has been on my Kyoto food list for quite a while. This quaint coffee shop is located on a housing complex, near a park, located within walking distance from Kyoto Main Station. I love how this no fuss coffee shops offers so many coffee beans selection that you can even bring home. From single origin beans like Rwanda Kivebelt, Kenya and Ethiopia, to their house blend, you can pick one for espresso based drink or manual brew. There's no other joy than sipping a perfect cup of latte on a windy morning.

2. Arabica Kyoto Higashiyama
Arabica is one of the most famous coffee chain from Japan. It has many branches different countries like Singapore, Philippines, and Hong Kong. The one in Higashiyama, Kyoto is actually the first out of all the shops. It is located in a quaint street in Higashiyama ward, nearby Kiyomizu Derailleur. The founder said Kyoto is the best place to create a Japanese brand.

3. Weekenders Coffee Tominokoji
This charming coffee shop is located at a house with lots of wood elements. The shopfront is adorned with greeneries, so it's such a delightful visit. This third wave coffee shop offers different types of coffee beans from Guatemala, Kenya, and Honduras to name a few. Get their manual brew to try all the single origin coffee.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Stand Arashiyama

Located just across the entrance of Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, this ice cream shop saved me after a long walk that day. It offers a no fuss matcha and vanilla flavoured ice cream cone perfect for a hot day. Here's the exact location of the Soft Serve Ice Cream Stand. I can't remember the exact price but it was surely a good value of money with that thick matcha ice cream.

Bars in Kyoto

Bee's Knees
This newcomer bar in Kyoto unexpectedly be in #21 in Asia's 50 Best Bar List 2020 and Disaronno Highest New Entry 2020. This speakeasy bar is a new addition to Kyoto's drinking culture. You will be greeted by a yellow door and enter the dimly lit posh bar. It is inspired by the New York's prohibition era and serves many classic cocktails as well as in house specials.
Location:🗺Kiyamachi Shijyo Kamiya-cho 364 Matsuya building 1F

What's you favourite Japanese food ?

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  14. This blog reminds me of when I use to live in Japan, my favorite Japanese food is yakisoba, green tea matcha, and sushi which sounds really generic but a lot of the tradition foods that I tried I didn't really enjoy at all tbh. I think while Sasebo didn't have those places it had a lot of similar places, and it was the home of the Sasebo Burger which was amazing.

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    I've never been in Japan but I love japanese food (or at least the version I have tried here or in some cities in America) and I am fan, I love they way you can find a lot of unexpected flavors in the same dish and that's great!

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