Alexander Wang and Models Off Duty Style

Alexander Wang and Models Off Duty Style

Alexander Wang and Models Off Duty Style

American designer Alexander Wang is well known for his downtown effortless chic look often called Model Off Duty Style. It is not a new trend, but it surely fits the yearly fashion calendar every year. It is one of the most sought after style even before street style photography is popular. Let's dive deeper into the Model Off Duty and styling tips below.

What is Models Off Duty Style?

Models Off Duty is a fashion industry term that describes the runway model outfit worn after their modelling duty or in short, their fashion staples. It is usually consists of well fitted basics in neutral colours. The fashion items include a pair of well fitted jeans, minimalist top, sweater, and an outerwear, like a leather jacket. The models usually rock a neutral coloured heels or sneakers and accessories. This will help them to juggle a busy schedule between runway and photoshoot in a day. As summer approaches, I feel it is such a cool style for everyday.

images from Elle.com and Stylecaster.com

Alexander Wang's take on Models Off Duty Style

The brand itself has revolutionised the modern style and outfits. When it comes to models off duty style. there isn't any other label that comes to mind as vivid as Alexander Wang. Many of the designs are meant for many seasons to come as it is made of contemporary basics. I feel like they are well made and are worth investing. For people who love neutral coloured outfit like me, his designs are easy to be mixed and matched. Honestly who remember the infamous Alexander Wang basics like the tee and denim when it first came out in 2012-2013? I still keep it in my wardrobe after all these years and I must say it is still in a good shape and has a very good cost per wear. I would rather buy an item that I really really love and wear it for a thousand times rather than buying a cheap fashion item that only lasts for a few wears. What say you?

images from Alexanderwang.com

Alexander Wang muscle tank and denim. Rayban aviator. Valentino sneakers. Carrie K bracelet

Styling Tips

Obviously I'm not a model but I feel that the model off duty style is worth to copy. I am pairing the Alexander Wang muscle tank and denim with my everyday Valentino leather sneakers in white and my Rayban Aviator. To add a rocker shic attitude to the models off duty style, you can also pair it with a leather jacket or a denim jacket. Try to keep accessories practical and minimal. Sunglasses is a great option for sunny days, it is both protecting your eyes and acts as a fashion accessory. When the weather gets colder, you can exchange a simple top with a cable knit sweater or double the sweater by wearing a shirt inside.`


Is there any fashion model you always adore? Do you like the models off duty style? What's your take on it?


  1. You look beautiful!
    xx- Nina

  2. Perfect outfit, and you are so cool!! I also love Alexander Wang!
    Those sneakers and sunglasses are great finishing touch for models off duty style!!


  3. Model Off Duty style, I love it! Jeans, white tee, and moto jacket. This has been the model uniform for while now, or least when they are going on go sees. Even going back to the early seasons of ANTM. I think b/c is a non distracting look. Now it is super chic as well!

    Allie of

  4. Absolutely love this outfit very effortless!



  5. Hello there! I have heard about this activity on IG or in another blog and I think Alexander Wang always know how to adapt their clothes to the moment we're living, he is a visionary and I love that he didn't create something extravange, this is just a way to see models in another context out of the runway!

    And you did a great adaptation of this models off duty style but to your own vision! Those sneakers are so nice!


  6. Super post. : D <3
    follow for follow? tell me the answer in my new post!
    jfashionlover.online <3


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