gratitude journal | how to start one

gratitude journal | how to start one

Gratitude Journal | How to Start One

The Joy of Living

Hello everyone! Today's topic is going to be a little bit different as I want to focus more on wellness and in this case it is the feeling of gratitude. Nobody has a constant good mood or good days for the entire 365 days a year, but there's always something good to be thankful for each day. Gratitude helps you to see the bright side in the chaos, cultivate a sense of peace, make you feel good from within, and is essential for you to be resilient in the ever changing world. How can you do good if you don't even feel good about yourself or your life? How can you care for others if you don't even care about your inner wellbeing?

A Little Backstory

I started to write a gratitude journal at the end of last year around October 2019 I believe, but at that time it wasn't really a habit. I was just doing it for fun. In February I resigned from my 9-5 job that i have been doing for about six years. Honestly, deep inside I decided that 2020 is going to be a year of personal growth. I wanted to detach myself a little bit from the hectic corporate world and do other thing that allows me to have more time to focus on my own personal growth. I feel that I have been neglecting it for too long. There were a lot of things happenings in the past six years that accumulates which include the passing of my loved ones and an end to my long term relationship. Little did I know that the entire world is detaching itself and a lot of people are somehow doing what I intended to do. Not exactly going to the office, staying at home more, and therefore have more time for themselves and to relook into some areas that they've been overlooked for a period of time.

Fast forward to quarantine period, I took so so so much time to focus on my meditation, affirmations, journaling, and also self care. In the past I would have been feel guilty of doing it, as work took so much of my time. I felt guilty for being not productive. I have been journaling every single day during the quarantine period. I have several journals written together in a book that comprises of my gratitude journal (something that I will share today), my dream journal which I write about what I dreamed of the night before, and also a meditation journal which I write about insights, thoughts, and ideas that comes up during the meditation. I have then write certain affirmations that follows the Tesla method (more about it on another blog post.)

From then onwards, I started to feel so much better, because when I focus on personal growth, all aspects of my life started to shift. This includes my mindset, my health, my relationship, and perhaps work. Strangely enough I'm being connected to more likeminded people and I have shed old relationship or friendship that didn't work. The feeling of gratitude helps me to shift my view from the victim mentality to a more positive attitude. Things can happen, the world can be on a pause, but it doesn't mean there isn't anything good or beautiful that you can learn from it. Therefore, I decided to share this in my blogpost because I know if it gives so much good impact to me, there must be someone else out there who will benefit from writing a gratitude journal.

How to Start Your Own Gratitude Journal

Nothing needs to be perfect on the first try. As long as you start, you are already winning.Don't worry it's very easy!

1. Take a book that you want to dedicate for your gratitude journal. You can also have a book that comprises of different types of journaling like I do.

2. KISS - Keep It Super Simple. Think for a minute and write 3-5 things that you are thankful for today. It can be simple things like your house, a good meal, a heartfelt yoga practice or meditation, your partner, your pets, and so on. If you want to elaborate of course you can. You don't actually need to use difficult verbs or phrases, a simple one will do.

3. Repeat this daily in the morning or at night before bed. You can write different things for each day! Well, if there are things you want to repeat, of course that's fine too!

It's pretty simple right? What do you think about "gratitude"? Do you also already have a gratitude journal? Let me know in the comment below.



  1. I think that grateful is very important ;)

  2. I've heard that gratitude journaling can be such a healing process!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. I have done this before but do struggle with it, I can not lie. I struggle a bit with gratitude. I do not speak about my life on my blog or YT channel. To me these are an escape from my life. Things have not been easy for me and life has not been kind to me but I try to remain positive but it is a battle for sure. I am actually in the process of writing it all down. But adding a gratitude journal could help, so I may try doing this again. Excited to hear about the Telsa method!

    Allie of

  4. I think it's great that you took the quarantine period to work on yourself like this! I'd love to start a gratitude journal, and I think the KISS method is a great one. especially if you're not sure where to start x


  5. Someone recently gifted me a gratitude journal and it's a nice way to end the day. You can always find something good in every day!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. Oh this is so cool. I don't have a gratitude journal but it sounds really interesting to enjoy even more all the little happy everyday's things

  7. Never thought of this concept, but i actually
    find it super interesting and it's a way of
    keeping positive even in the worst moments!
    thank you so much for sharing!

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

  8. Gratitude Journal is awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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