solo travel : 5 things i learned from it

solo travel : 5 things i learned from it

Solo Travel : 5 Things I Learned from It

Solo travel has changed my life in one way or another. I was only 21 when I watched a documentary about Cambodia. I went to a large book store in Orchard Road Singapore to get a Lonely Planet travel book the next day and the rest is history. So far I have travelled solo to different cities like Bali, Bandung, Pnom Penh, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. I guess my next destination would be Myanmar in 2021. From planning, navigating, to budgeting, you will learn all of it through every trip. On top of that, as a solo female traveler, I feel that finding a good balance between safety and fun is a crucial as well.  Read more about 5 things I learned from solo traveling.

Being Independent

I have always love travelling but sometimes waiting for someone who will go to that particular destination drives me mad. Most probably that's the first reason I started solo travel. I don't have to really match my schedule with someone else. The perks of solo travelling is that you get to choose where to go, what to eat,  or what time do you want to get out of your hotel room. On the other hand it teaches you to be independent in terms of getting everything you need or navigating the way by yourself. It's easy to blame someone when we get lost finding that particular restaurant, but when you're alone that's not the case. You learn to rely in yourself no matter how difficult the situation is. 

When I Solo Travel, I Always Put Safety First

On the other hand, I would like to point about certain red light district in Asian Countries that you might often see on travel blogs or vlogs, because not more than often it is a very interesting entertainment district and often serves good street food in the area. For examples are area like Poblacion in Manila, Soi Cowboy or Patpong in Bangkok, and the Bui Vien in Ho Chi Minh. I agree that they are intriguing places to visit, but if you are travelling solo and if you are a woman, please be careful and have better safety measure when visiting this area. Also, if possible avoid wearing too many jewelries when you're walking alone. The red light districts are known for a higher crime rate (for example pickpocket) in the city. I would suggest that it would be better if you can go to these area if you are in a group of friends or at least there are two three people together.  For me personally, I usually avoid going alone or staying in these areas, even though the hotels in these area are known to have cheaper rate.  Remember, when you travel solo, always put safety first!

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Being a Better Planner

There's always something new to learn in every trip. One of it is about trip planning. When I was in Japan, I went to three cities alone in the course of 9 days. Going from one city to another requires extra planning as I need to know my train time, the best way to move around the city, and also book hotels in different cities. I always prefer to book a hotel in an area where I want to explore, so I tend to hop from one hotel to another. Travelling inter cities also requires you to be punctual as you don't want to miss your train. I found out that JR train pass is very useful as a tourist in Japan as it allows you an unlimited trips within 7 days between cities. I took the JR Hokuriku Arch Pass to go from Tokyo to Kyoto to Osaka and back to Tokyo again. Once i miss my Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo but I can rebook it again for free using the JR pass. For trips that requires plane flight, you might need to be even more organise. Certain airports in Asia like Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok always have a long queue in the immigration section, so going to the airport 2 hours before flight is a minimum.

To Know Myself Better

Let's be honest, in our fast paced working life, sometimes it's very difficult to have a me time. Therefore, I dedicate my solo travelling for several days of me time. I always bring my journal along just to make quick notes. Sometimes it's about the food that I taste, other times it would just be scribbles of how I feel that day. Personal growth and the process of rediscovering yourself is a lifetime process. One day we may like certain things and one day we may not like it anymore. Solo travel allows me to evaluate my feeling, my goals, my perspective, and my opinions towards certain thing that I encounter during the trip. It gives me space to digest a certain topic and allow me to understand myself better from time to time. I feel it's very important for all of us to do this (even if you are not travelling solo) because when you know yourself better and what you want in life, it gives you an added advantage while choosing for your next step.

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Exercise My Communication Skill

I am a curious traveller and I honestly value human connection, even though at times I might be the quiet one. Travelling alone teaches me to be more open and bold about talking with strangers. When I travel alone I usually go for a class to learn new skill and to meet other travellers. For example, a cooking class in Cambodia or a Herbal making session I learned in Bali. At times I would ask for a stranger help to take a photo of me then we ended up chatting and sharing experience about the place. Sometimes I will sit in a coffee shop near the barista counter or ask several questions to the shop keeper just to chat a bit about the shop. This also equips me with better information for the blog writing later on. More than often I get valuable stories or funny stories that you don't get just by reading travel magazines. Talking to the locals enrich your experience about the place and for me it's like a once in a lifetime chance.

(A kind stranger named John from Manila helped me to take this photo in Wat Arun Bangkok)

Have you ever solo travelled? If yes, to which country? If no, will you do so in the future? Let me know your opinion or if you have any questions in the comment section below.


  1. I haven't had the chance to travel solo yet, but it's definitely something I want to try!


  2. Great tips for traveling alone!
    I admire your courage. It must be an incredible experience.
    I confess that I prefer to travel accompanied hehe :)


  3. Great post! so interesting :)
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  4. Great post! so interesting :)
    If you want that we follow each other let me know by leaving a comment on my last post --> http://beautyshapes3.blogspot.com/2020/09/healthy-meals-ideas.html

  5. Love solo travelling even though I have never done so before. I was supposed to do so in 2019 but other things came up.
    I would love to do a solo travel journey around Asia soon.

  6. Very amazing tips! I've never travelled solo so far maybe I should try it too.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  7. Wow, you've traveled solo a lot, and since you were so young!
    You've got all my admiration, really!
    I've always wanted to travel solo, but to be honest I've always been scary of ending in some kind of trouble and not being able to get out in a different country....
    I know it's pretty absurd since I've traveled a lot around the world with my parents and never wrong been happened, but still this thing stops me everytime.
    Anyway your tips are really smart and precious, definitely to keep in mind!

  8. These are really wonderful tips! I married quite young so have never done solo traveling, but I will pass all of this on to my cousin who does solo travel!

  9. So many great tips for traveling... thanks for sharing!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  10. I love this! I'm married so it's hard to do some solo traveling, but maybe one weekend I will try a small trip! :)



  11. I applaud you traveling alone. I have never done it, although I thought about when I was still single. I appreciate each of your lessons. Excellent post!


  12. Travelling solo is definitely a great way to learn better planning and communication. I love that safety is one of your priorities. xx
    Elegant Duchess xx

  13. I've only ever really done solo travel in Paris, but I'd been before so it wasn't a huge deal. I think it's great that it helps your communication, I hadn't really considered that. I'm so glad you mentioned the extra safety measures you take, that's so important x


  14. I am not a good traveller - I get sick on planes and I get lost easy, haha! So I'd never travel alone but I admire those who do! :)

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  15. I have traveled solo a few times and have wonderful memories, I remember it really peaceful. I love traveling with more people, but it usually gets more hectic trying to make everyone reach on time all the places everyone wants to see...
    I loved reading your post, have a great weekend,

  16. I really wanted to do a solo trip this year but sadly its not going to happen :( John took a great pic of you! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  17. Thanks for sharing what you've learned from travelleing solo.
    I began solo festival travelling about2 years ago and it was a beautiful life changing experience.
    Like you I got to to know myself a lot better, became more independent...I also gained more control of my own happiness! Xo


  18. It is great that you got to travel solo and had a great time seeing all of these places. It is so important and unfortunate that we have to watch our safety more than men. Love that you were able to learn more about yourself and love yourself more!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

  19. Incredible post, darling! Such beautiful photos and an inspiring message, too. I hope I can be brave nough to travel solo...

    Thank you so much for stopping by!


  20. Omg you're so brave to travel solo. I don't think I would be able to do it. I mostly enjoy traveling with my sis. We get to share a fun experience!


  21. I have never traveled alone ... I usually prefer to share travel experiences

    The World Of A Vet

  22. Amazing tips! The last photo it's so beautiful!

    Cores do VĂ­cio

  23. Great photos and yes safety is so important when you are alone :-)

  24. Wow, these are some amazing photos and destinations! I love that you decided to take the initiative to travel solo, and it sounds like it has been worthwhile!

  25. I am so impressed by your travel repertoire and also great tips. We are definitely not traveling in 2020 or by the looks the first while of 2021, so sad, but hopefully we can start dreaming of travel soon.


  26. Such a great post! Before I met my boyfriend (on a solo travel) I used to always explore countries just by myself and it teached me so so much :)
    Now I love traveling with him together but I can really recommend solo travels, but you are right your safety should always go first!

    have a great day gorgeous


  27. I've never traveled solo before. It sounds like you have had some amazing experiences! Love seeing all of these beautiful destination photos!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  28. Great tips, you are very brave!!


  29. Great and useful post dear,love it!

  30. Oh wow! You have traveled solo so many times! I have never traveled by myself, but it is something I would love to do at least once. I love how you said it helps you get to know yourself better!


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  32. Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts and tips with us!
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  33. This beautiful post reminded me just how much I love to travel! So many picturesque locations, love them all! As for traveling solo, I have not really done that before. But you make some really good points here! xx


  34. Awesome blog! You have shared a nice post. Thank you!

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  35. I've never traveled solo before but I've been reading so much about it lately. I always feel like I would get bored or lonely traveling by myself. Maybe I'll try traveling alone for a weekend and see how it goes!

    Find Your Dazzle

  36. Great tips! One of my goals is one travel solo.

  37. Wow, you have had some wonderful travels!
    I have done a little solo travelling inside the United States but have never travelled to other countries.
    I do love reading about other countries and seeing travel photos like the ones in this post!
    Your travel and outfit fashion photos are wonderful.
    I love the appearance of the different and very fashionable outfits you were wearing in the photos above. I especially love the pleated skirts and the blouses you were wearing in the first and second photos. You look pretty in all of them.
    I also love the photo of you in Wat Arun Bankok.

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  38. I love that you put safety first. That's so important when it comes to solo travel, especially for women. Some places are better visited with a group of friends. Great tips for solo travelling.


  39. Great travel tips
    for traveling alone, thanks for sharing.
    Love your pics too.
    Your white top on the first pic
    looks so good on you.


  40. Yes traveling alone can be exciting and liberating, also I find you soak up more of the experience b/c you are distracted with talking to and engaging with another person. But safety is key and is better to visit safe places than those that are less safe.

    Allie of

  41. que preciosidad de fotos, gracias por compartir ahora que en 2020 no puedo viajar.

  42. Hello dear,

    This is one of the coolest blog posts I have read in your site, sincere and helpful for the real life and I take many of your travel recommendations into account since I see you have experienced a lot of trips, specially around Asia (on top of my bucket list).

    I'd say taking a solo trip, despite the distance is crucial to known ourselves better during the process... of course traveling with company is great, but the experience of doing it alone can open a lot of new possibilities for the next trips. Last trip I took alone was to Madrid and the experience was rewarding, of course I got lost a couple of times but if I wanted to take a late dessert or a second breakfast, nobody was there to pressure haha

    By the way, I just noticed you're a Ravenclaw, me too!



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