canggu - top 10 cafes

canggu - top 10 cafes

Canggu top 10 healthy cafes to try on your next trip to Bali

Batu Bolong Beach area

Canggu has become a hype area in Bali and this time I want to show you my top 10 cafes to try. Canggu is well known as where a lot of expats reside in Bali, so expect more international cuisine and all day breakfast menu. There are two major area which is The Batu Bolong Beach area and the Berawa Beach area. The heart of Canggu is in the Batu Bolong Beach area where you can find rows of cafes, boutiques, and gym along the road. 

Bottega Italiana

With a close proximity to the Batu Bolong Beach, Bottega Italiana can be a good option for breakfast before heading to the beach. The concept is a homemade Italian restaurant with different menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The breakfast option is available until 12 pm. We tried their fruit smoothie bowls which comes in with a lot of different fresh fruit in generous portion. Other menus include homemade bread, savoury breakfast served with organic eggs and various handmade fresh pasta. Across the cafe there are row of boutiques that sell surf accessories, swimwear, women skirt, and other apparels.

Crate Cafe

Popular among the Canggu residents, Crate cafe is the go to place for quick coffee and breakfast fix. They are famous for the all day breakfast menu and their Crate blend coffee and smoothies. Menu includes healthy selections like gluten free pancakes, brekkie plate, mixed salad, and smoothie bowls. The space also has a gallery where artists can have exhibition and mingle. Honestly the community space is a great idea where people can have a conversation about the artwork and the city in general. They also have cool merchandises for sale.

Monsieur Spoon

Most probably one of the rising star cafe in Bali as it just opened in another city, Jakarta. In bali itself they have branches in Seminyak, Petitenget, Canggu, Pererenan, Umalas, and Ubud. This French bakery is famous for their entire range of croissant, madeleines, creme brûlée, eclairs, tartlets and many more. They also have a dark free variation like the ciabatta, sourdough, baguette, and bagels. Aside from the bakery, they also serve salad, avocado toast, steak, and smoothie bowl among others.

Cafe Organic

Located at the heart of Canggu, Cafe Organic is one of my most favourite cafes since four years ago. Te cafe focuses on vegetarian and vegan menu and they use organic produce. Their concept is to present raw food to be something enjoyable for everyone. We tried their salad which is made of various organic vegetables and beans like walnut, and almond, tempeh, tofu topped with homemade dressing sauce. Their coffee is also a great option to accompany your meal.

Berawa Beach area

Berawa Beach area is an extension of Change where there are also a lot of cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and salon located. See below some of my favourite cafes in Berawa Area. The roads are quite small, so I would suggest you to ride a bike or just park your car somewhere then walk along the streets to visit the boutiques and then stop by at one of these cafes.

Nude Canggu

Berawa Beach is another favourite area in Canggu and Nude is one of the most favourite brunch destination. They have various menu from appetiser to big breakfast. We ordered their rainbow bruschetta with various topping and big breakfast with scrambled egg, bacon, mushroom, and vegetables. We also ordered the orange juice and coffee.


Baked is probably the busiest new cafe in Canggu and the the newest among this entire list. It is perfect for early risers as they opens from 7am to 4pm daily. Their menu is revolved around the breakfast staple like egg, sourdough, toast, and so on. We had their coffee and their "best scramble" which is scramble egg with brown butter, creme fraiche, roe, and chives, topped with their sourdough and bacon. This is most probably one of the best scrambled egg i have tried in my life. Love the entire cohesive simple menu and interior.

Peloton Supershop

Another cafe famous for its smoothie bowls and healthy drinks, Peloton Supershop is a fine low key cafe located in Berawa Area. The space is not too huge but the interior is very well decorated with wood panelling in earthy tone and brass lighting pieces. Try their best selling smoothie bowl "Blue Island" and delicious vegan cakes on display. After dining in, don't forget to bring their goods home like the pesto sauce, mayo, chilli, or barbecue sauce. The location is on the way to the Berawa Beach, perfect for sunset viewing. 

milk and madu

Milk and Madu

Milk and Madu has three branches in Bali, two in Canggu (Berawa and Beach Road) and one in Ubud. It is brought to you by the Good food Brotherhood Group, who also owns the famous Watercress and The Common restaurant outlets. The cafe itself is famous for its delicious pizzas, as well as the traditional breakfast menus. Their pizza range extends from the classic margherita pizza to gourmet pizza like the Choice Lamb Blu consisting of cumin lamb, capsicum, red onion, feta, and dukkah.

07 AM Baker's Club

One of the busiest cafes in Bumbak area, you can expect to see the queue by the time they're open. All pastries are made fresh daily and they are one of the best in the island. Expect to find range of pastries, breads, and sandos. My personal favourites are their croissant and raisin roll (20-25 k each). They also have various juice and coffee to complete your breakfast.

Kembali Bumbak

The restaurant is finally reopened after a time of hiatus. Kembali Bumbak has an extensive menu from fruit bowl, waffle, salad, to vegan burger. They also have a variety of evening menu for dinner ranging from steak, grilled baramundi, to asian fares like soup and rendang. They are winning with not only the taste but also the fine plating. Enjoy an array of food and drinks while relaxing in their outdoor seating facing a beautiful garden.
Address: 41-45 Bumbak Dauh Road

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  4. These cafes look amazing with a variety of food selections!

  5. All these places sound amazing and the food looks yum! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Theses places sound amazing.
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  8. All these places looks amazing; and the food looks so delicious!
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