Soneva Fushi Presents Julien Royer’s Three Michelin-starred Odette

Soneva Fushi Presents Julien Royer’s Three Michelin-starred Odette

Soneva Fushi Presents Julien Royer’s Three Michelin-starred Odette

Soneva Fushi Unique Dining Experience

Award-winning luxury resorts operator Soneva has partnered with Chef Julien Royer to bring Singapore’s acclaimed three Michelin-starred Odette restaurant to the Maldives. The modern French restaurant is guided by Royer’s lifelong respect for seasonality, terroir and artisanal produce. While underpinned by the principles of French cuisine, his years in Asia have infused his approach with a sense of place.  The exclusive 10-week residency at Soneva Fushi’s Flying Sauces will take place from now until April 15, 2022. Flying Sauces was launched in late 2021 and is the only fine dining zipline experience in the world where the evolving multi-course menu is enjoyed from an open treetop kitchen 12 metres above the ground, which boasts exceptional views of the island’s lush jungle and sparkling turquoise ocean. 


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The Menu        

Odette’s Singaporean Chef de Cuisine, Naka Xiong, crafts an evolving, multi-course dining experience that harnesses his affinity with seafood and deep respect for nature, and celebrates Southeast Asia’s vibrant tropical flavours – the perfect match for Soneva Fushi’s idyllic island setting.  Guests can expect to have international cuisine with pescatarian and plant based diet choices available. Highlights include: the Soneva Garden Salad, featuring foraged or farmed ingredients from Soneva’s own organic gardens or the Maldives; Basmati Donabe, celebrating the importance of the humble grain across Southeast Asia, with herbs sourced from the island, accentuated with pomelo, sakura ebi, shallots and puffed wild rice; and Tuna Flower, with sustainably caught local tuna given a citrus kick from the yuzu kosho, tempered by a refreshing green grape and almond nage. Naka Xiong Chef de Cuisine, Odette said “This menu will showcase the nostalgic Southeast Asian flavours that I’m familiar with. Surrounded by fresh produce from Maldivian waters and cooking among the lush treetops of Soneva is a dream come true for me.” The menu is expertly paired with a selection of wines from the extensive cellars, which house the largest collection of wines and Champagnes in the Indian Ocean. Guests can reserve the dinner experience through Soneva website.

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Meet the Chefs

Reflecting the Odette experience, Julien Royer’s evolving multi-course menu showcases produce at its seasonal peak with an emphasis on native ingredients. Across 10 weeks, Odette’s Singaporean Chef de Cuisine, Naka Xiong, will bring his reverence for nature and affinity with seafood to realise a gastronomic experience infused with vibrant tropical flavours and an ingenious Southeast Asian identity, befitting Soneva Fushi’s idyllic island setting. Co-owner of Odette, award-winning chef Julien Royer is recognised around the world for his refreshing perspective on French fine dining, infused with a sense of place. With a passion for seafood and ethical fishing, Chef de Cuisine Naka Xiong has worked alongside Chef Julien for more than a decade, taking Odette overseas on numerous occasions.

Flying Sauces at Soneva Fushi

The world’s first fine dining zipline experience, Flying Sauces is the inspiring location for Odette’s Maldivian residency. Towering 12 metres tall above the treetops, the elevated dining platform offers exceptional views, while the delectable menu is paired with the finest wines from Soneva's cellar, home to one of the largest collections in the region. Glide along the 200-metre zipline route through the leafy jungle to our treetop table and open kitchen – at 12 metres above the ground, it has exceptional views across the sparkling ocean. Operating during daylight hours only, the zipline takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes; the Flying Sauces dining experiences take an additional 1 hour for breakfast and high tea, and 2 to 3 hours for dinner. Each Flying Sauces experience is suitable for a maximum 10 to 12 guests aged 8 and above, divided into 2 groups of 6 guests. Please note: All guests are required to wear a safety harness, which will be fitted and checked by our trained Hosts. During the 10-week Odette residency, Flying Sauces will be serving its usual breakfast menu, while the Flying Sauces Featuring Odette’s Julien Royer menu will be served for dinner.