Yogyakarta Cafe and Coffee Shops | Instagrammable

Yogyakarta Cafe and Coffee Shops | Instagrammable

Yogyakarta Cafe and Coffee Shops to Visit


A lot of Yogyakarta Cafe and Coffee Shops has an interesting interior decor and Jeeva is definitely one of them. I always love a homey cafe and Jeeva is literally located in a house turned coffee shop. The outside is clean white and grey but the inside is dominated by white, mint, and pink walls with bronze detail and wooden furniture which is a mix of mid century style and modern minimalism. This third wave coffee shop has various menu from espresso based to manual brewed coffee. You can choose from various brewing method like V60, Siphon, Chemex, French Press. Unfortunately, that day I didn't ordered coffee as I have had one. Therefore, I would love to come again for another visit. One last note, I must also mention that their bread pudding is so soft, tasty, and delicious. 

yogyakarta cafe and coffe shops


A lovely boho themed cafe that will somehow reminds you of the cafes in Seminyak, Bali, Kalluna is one of the newer cafe in the area. With white walls, wooden furnitures, hanging rattan lamps, and tassel, it is indeed an instagrammable cafe in Yogyakarta. Food wise, they are quote famous with the brunch menu like waffles, croffle, breakfast set, bagel, and burger. Besides that they have various kinds of pasta, like the aglio aglio I had, and pizza. I feel like the food is good and affordable. For days that I don't feel like having coffee, I ordered watermelon juice (pictured below). 

Petit Paris Boulangerie

Among the other cafes in this list, Petit Paris is well known and leaning towards boulangerie or bakery (located on the first floor of the shop) but they actually have a bistro or cafe on the second floor. Their specialty is French cuisine, from half roasted chicken, duck breast, steak, foie gras, onion soup, to pasta, and crepes. The crepes is well made, soft, and tasty with a combination of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. 


One of the most famous instagrammable cafes in Yogyakarta with a minimalist concept, Hayati is strategically located in Demangan area. I have visited this cafe three times and the food and drinks are consistently good. My favourite menu is their ice latte and the fried dory rice. This specialty coffee shop also sell coffee beans and coffee equipment for home brewing. They have both indoor and outdoor seating that you can choose. Their latte is definitely my favourite, a balance of strong yet bold coffee taste and the milk is just perfect.

Kopi Pak Pos

If you are looking for to-go coffee drinks with affordable price, Kopi Pak Pos is a good spot if you are walking around Malioboro and the Jogja 0 Km Monument Centre area. The coffee is actually located at the Yogyakarta Central Post Office Building.  The recommended menu is the Aren Coffee, milky but not too sweet. The interior is quite unique with the mailbox on the wall and photos from the olden days.


The cafe seems to be tiny at a first glance, but apparently it is quite huge with both indoor and outdoor seating. Of course I chose to be seated outdoor to enjoy the sun and the wind. It has a lovely outdoor area with pergola and a little garden so it is not scorching hot. The cafe serves wide range of food, for example pasta, salad, rice bowl, waffle, cake, as well as drinks - both coffee and non coffee. You can view the full menu here.

Amsterdam Cafe

This quaint cafe is located in a small street. The front side has a javanese decor but the backyard has a minimalist white interior. It is sort of a two in one concept. The cafe serves food but only from 2 pm onwards. I suggest you to have lunch first before coming here.


Bali in Jogja! That's the first thought when arriving in this cafe. The outdoor area has so much appeal as it has rice field in its backyard. I went here for an afternoon snack before heading somewhere else. The place os very cozy and breezy, a great place for your "work from cafe" setting or just casual hangout. It also has an indoor or sheltered area in case it is raining. 

RM Bang Rindu 

Honestly I went here because of the interior that is full of concrete as I am very interested in this kind of design lately. Surprisingly their food and drinks are affordable and great. They have both coffee and non coffee drinks. This time we had the taro latte and soda. They served various kind of comfort food menu like beef noodle and fried dory rice. You will see that I ordered similar menu in cafes and I will admit that it is my default dish. Rest assured, their dishes are perfect for lunch or dinner.

Nest Coffee and Donuts

Nest is definitely one of my favourite cafes in Yogyakarta. I'm loving the architecture, the design accent, and also the food. They serve various coffee, juices, as well as local dishes such as the nasi goreng (fried rice) pictured below. They have wide range of menu, both western and Indonesian. For example fried rice, satay, burger, toast, as well as desserts like donuts, and cake. The space also doubles as a boutique for a local brand that sells clothing as well as a furniture store. 


  1. Oh, that is so cool! Those places look absolutely amazing and I'm definitely hungry now :D

    Lots of love,
    Krissi of the marquise diamond

  2. I love to sit outside where the garden and flowers are.

  3. You definitely know how to pamper yourself!
    These places seem all so pretty and relaxing, and the food just delicious!

  4. What a tranquil spot and that pink drink looks divine!



  5. Woah yes to all of these! Cute coffee shops are my obsession.


  6. Hello there, I hope everything is going well despite the current chaos!

    I just loved the vibe of this blog post since I saw a preview on Instagram and I wouldn't mind to visit every single option from this article.

    I'd say I love to have a good coffee than a dinner or anything else since it is a moment of personal connection and a pause, so any of these places could serve as that since they also have a perfect interior design.... so relaxing and inviting to a calm time with ourselves. Anyway I think my favorites were Petit Paris and RM Bang, but every single option could be perfect!

    You made such a good collection of shots and all the things in here look so tasty *_*


  7. I love discovering new places, especially coffee shops!
    This place looks very beautiful, nice and with delicious food.
    I loved it ♥


  8. These are very cool coffee shops. I wish we had something like that here in the mountains. I miss going inside Starbuck's, getting my favorite coffee and a treat, and just relaxing. The food on here looks delicious also. I enjoyed your post, as I'm a coffee lover.


  9. Hi
    These places are amazing, I love the decorations and the food looks delicious!


  10. Oh my gosh these all sound incredible! Thanks for your in depth reviews, I'm down for anywhere that sells coffee (anywhere thats not a huge chain like Starbucks or costa though!)
    Milli x - http://millidavison.co.uk/

  11. Thanks for sharing such a great place idea! Im gonna visit Indonesia next month, this gonna be so fun!
    Looking forward for the next post.

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