dressing for spring

dressing for spring

Dressing for spring

Current Favourite: Tiered Maxi Dress

As May arrives and the weather gets warmer, it's time to style our spring wardobe. I love cotton and linen material for spring as it is light, absorbs the heat well, and perfect for spring activities like going to the museum, picnic in the park, or just strolling around the city. Nevertheless, I still feel maxi dress is still on trend this season. A little puff sleeve accent, tiered loose silhouette, and pastel colours are a great accent combination to refresh your spring wardrobe. If you are strolling in the park like me, a pair of pointed flats and wide brim hat can be a good companion.

Mini Life Updates

At the moment I am diving into freelance work for social media management and content creation for small medium local businesses. It's pretty new to me but I am really excited for it. I am happy to finally take time to do an introspection for myself, like what I like or not like to do, what I want to pursue, and all the other things in life that hasn't get my attention. I am wishing to only attract the things that are good for my higher self. I will be updating more on my portfolio pretty soon. Also I'm considering to move to a Wordpress platform. I would love to hear a recommendation or two from a Wordpress user as I am thinking of consolidating blog and portfolio site in one place. Is it better to combine it? or is it better if I keep my blog here and have another separate portfolio site? I feel it is only right to ask my friends in the blogging sphere as they are the one who has been doing it. Please let me know what do you think and your help will be greatly appreciated!

Other things to love in May:

1. Currently reading: What I Wish I Knew About Love by Kirstie Taylor
2. Listening to: New and old albums by The Killers
3. May must have: This kind of tiered maxi dress but sleeveless
4. Things to Do: Most probably would love to explore a new art exhibition and doing more art. If you haven't already check my list of Things To Do in May.
5. Learning more about: Reiki and Breathwork practices guided by Rhythm of Breath. I'm kind of new to this, but currently I am trying to get more information and experiences. I have been focusing on healing and levelling up myself so I can help others in their journey as well.
6. Got my online certification on Fashion and Sustainability from London College of Fashion. It is a great course for those who wants to explore more about the idea of creating sustainable fashion and the approachable steps to do it.
7. Finally back to creating Youtube video even though it is quite short and long overdue because I thought I lost the clips! But please give it a view and let me know if you are interested in seeing more travel videos.
8. Finally open a mini Etsy Shop. If you are looking for a self-print weekly or monthly planner, please check it out! I am also offering a tarot reading if you are into it. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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what's your take on spring dressing? what's your focus this month?


  1. Love that dress on you. Take care always, beautiful!


  2. Fabulous Spring look! You’ve got a lot of interesting and positive things going on in your life. Awesomeness! I use Wordpress and like it, but I don’t have a portfolio, so I don’t know how to answer that question.

  3. Congratulations on going freelance! I hope it's working well for you. It sounds like you have a lot going on right now with the career change, getting your certificate and opening the shop. I hope you're finding enough time for some me-time too x


  4. Hello there! First of all thank you so much for your birthday wishes on my latest blog post and wishing you the same my Taurus friend :)

    I see that a lot of incredible things are going on your life lately! How exciting is that! I think this is such a great motivation to keep up with the good work! Congrats on many things like your certificate on the Sustainable fashion course from London Collage and for your new Etsy shop! I'll give it a look since I am also working on mine :)!

    And talking about the look I agree with you in the fact that Spring is the perfect time to renovate energy and finding new ways to refresh our wardrobe but also our ideas :) This dress looks dreamy on you and I love the sensation of calm that you can feel in the photos!


  5. Hello there! I don't know if my latest comment was published so here it goes again.

    I was thanking you for the lovely birthday messages on my latest blog post and I hope your birthday was also filled with magic.

    It seems that your life is going through a lot of excitement lately! How amazing is that! Congrats on your certificate by the London College and for your new Etsy shop... I am also working on mine so I'll give a look to yours soon!

    And talking about the look I totally agree with you: spring should be that time of the year when new ideas flow and we can renovate not only our wardrobe but also our thoughts ;) I like this dress since it looks super dreamy and you can feel a sensation of calm and peace in the photos.

    Take care!

  6. So beautiful dress, it's perfect for spring season!



  7. I love these kinds of dresses especially when the weather heats up.
    I can recommend Wordpress as I've been using it for over 8 years.

  8. That maxi dress is gorgeous on you and am glad that things are going great with your work. Freelancing sounds interesting. As I mentioned in my earlier comment please do your research about everything. I have been using Wordpress from the beginning. I have read moving your blog to another platform is possible I don't know about how portfolios work. Beautiful pictures. :-)
    Via | https://glossnglitters.com

  9. Lovely dress and beautiful pics dear :-)
    Beauty and Fashion/Rampdiary/Glamansion


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