potato head studios review : a luxury sustainable hotel in seminyak bali

potato head studios review : a luxury sustainable hotel in seminyak bali

Potato Head Studios Review : A Luxury Sustainable Hotel in Seminyak, Bali

Potato Head Suites and Studios Location and Why Is It Worth Visiting

The first thing that strikes me upon arriving at their vast open-air lobby was that I was fascinated with the young-at-heart design combined with distinctive quirky details. With their slogan of "Progressive Design. Future Living", Potato Head Studios Bali is taking the luxury hotel concept to a new height by combining contemporary design, a real sustainability approach, and an all-rounded experience of feast, wellness, and art. Both Potato Head Suites and Studios are part of the Desa Potato Head located at the heart of Seminyak, Bali. The hotel comprises 168 rooms with five different room types spanning three floors and two wings. It is recently launched last year and is co-designed with OMA architecture studio as an all-inclusive hip luxury beachfront hotel and playground for the guests who are mostly couples and friend groups in their late 20s to 40s and occasionally family.

The Room

My room type is the Desa Studio Room which is located on the 1st floor. The room overlooks the Potato Head Bali entrance and has a little balcony in front. The 36 square meters room has a king-size bed located in the middle of the room. The interior is adorned with light-coloured wooden furnishing from the entrance all the way to the bathroom, combined with raw brick walls. The floor is semi-carpeted with natural wicker carpet and the rest is a terrazzo style floor. Located behind the bed is a stretch of shelves with a minibar and a working desk. Its left side is connected to the wardrobe and the right side is heading towards the bathroom. 

I can say that the bathroom itself is another mini sanctuary with the sauna-style wood design and double shower features - a rain shower head and handheld shower. It is simple, functional, and clean. Upon walking in you can smell the unique scent from their reed diffuser which uses a Gaya Ceramic reed holder and which scent is custom-made by the Japanese brand reta. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash, and lotion are made by Bali-based Sensatia Botanicals and are stored in a ceramic container to reduce waste. Quick absorbent cotton bath towels, sleek-looking pink and white cotton robes, biodegradable woven slippers, and hairdryer are provided for extra comfort.

Among the earthy tone materials, there is a pop of colour in the mini living room area with the fabric sofa and matching cushion. I also love how the smart TV is placed in a minimalist floating style to save space. You can easily connect your mobile phone to Chrome Cast movies or Spotify and it is my favourite thing to do while winding down in the evening. Lighting in the room is strategically placed for a warm ambience and has a dimmer switch function. The top to bottom full-size window allows natural light to come in, which is something I really like. Rooms are cleaned every morning and they do turndown service in the evening.

 In Room Amenities

The upscale luxury hotel experience is shown through details like in-room amenities and little favours given upon checking like cookies, chocolates, and turmeric jamu shot. I really appreciate the kind of little gesture that they do to freshen up the guests upon arrival. They also provide refillable amenities like all-natural sunscreen, aloe vera after-sun lotion, insect repellent, and hand sanitiser. To complete your memorable experience out and about at the beach, they also provide bamboo cutleries, a cotton pouch, a handmade woven beach bag and hats. Furthermore, bookworms like me can rejoice because they provided several books related to design and sustainability in your room. Guess what, they also have my favourite book, Sapiens! is it a coincidence?

Potato Head Studios is most probably the first hotel I visited that has a complete bar set up in the room. They are paying homage to the Potato Head Beach Club Bali which wins Sustainable Bar Award for Asia's 50 Best Bars 2018. The mini bar is fully decked with different bottles of house-infused spirits namely Island Spiced Rum, Citrus Vodka, and Kecombrang Arak along with the Rested Old Fashion, Archipelago Bitter, citrus fruits, stainless steel shaker and jigger. On the left side of the desk is an ice cube storage which you can refill daily for your drinks creation. Inside the drawer are the tools needed like the strainer, muddler, and bottle opener. Don't know what kind of drink to make? Fret not, they also have the drink guide and recipe by award-winning mixologist Dre Masso readily available. Aside from the liquor drinks, they also provide tea and coffee-making facilities with a water kettle, a ceramic teapot and cups, and a french press.

The Food

One thing that I look forward to during travelling is breakfast time and this time is no different. Upon waking up and strolling across the sun-filled corridor and taking the lift down, I am greeted by one lively breakfast scene on the huge lawn overlooking the beach. There is no buffet, so you order from the menu and they will serve it to you. The breakfast menu features dishes you usually find in your favourite brunch places in Seminyak like the big breakfast consisting of sourdough, eggs, bacon, and vegetables, egg benedict, sandwiches, to Asian fare like rice or porridge. You can also pick your favourite coffee drinks, smoothies, or jamu, and for me, it is definitely an iced latte. They will also serve you a variety of pastries like butter croissants and raisin bread with jam. On top of that, a fruit platter and yoghurt are free to be enjoyed. 

Everything is delectable and well-made, food comes fast, and it comes in generous portions. It makes me rethink the general hotel-style buffet as it usually comes in a mass quantity, but taste wise, not everything is enjoyable. This kind of individual order is more heartily made and you will reduce food waste as well because you do not over-order. There is really nothing to complain about. I usually show up around 9.30 along the line of brunch and I really enjoyed the atmosphere, particularly if enjoyed on the restaurant’s daybed by the pool. The next thing to do after brunch is, of course, to take my time to swim in the pool and lounge around for some sun-tanning. For me, this routine is really a dream life at its best! The restaurant also serves food and drinks all day, so you can order more things after breakfast.

Sustainability Approach

As the world reopens, travel and sustainability become an important theme. It brings together the interlinking subject that travel is also about the livelihood of the people, the environment, and the culture. I am glad to find a luxury hotel in Indonesia that truly cares about sustainability and I think that is one of the main reasons I am staying at Potato Head Studios. Before checking into the room, guests are guided to their Sustainability Store to pick and choose a stainless steel tumbler and a reusable RPET bag as an effort of reducing waste. You can also purchase other items like bamboo cutleries, recycled coasters, food containers, bathroom amenities and so on. The furniture and room decorations in the room like the chair, desk accessories, and coasters are made by designer Max Lamb and are made of recycled plastics. The other items like pink coloured trays and dust bins are made by the in-house R&D at Sweet Potato Lab which is made of recycled plastic bottles and caps, styrofoam, and clam shells found from surplus materials from daily operations alongside other waste collected in Bali. Water in the room is refillable every day to reduce the guests buying bottled water.

Potato Head will also co-curated 'N*thing Is Possible’ with the award-winning firm OMA / David Gianotten, for the upcoming highly anticipated Singapore Design Week in September 16-25, 2022 at National Design Centre. This year's pillar focuses on design future, design marketplace, and design impact. The storytelling multimedia exhibit is being brought to life with the help of Singapore and International collaborators international including renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, American artist Futura, Spanish industrial designer Andreu Carulla, British furniture designer Max Lamb, Toogood design studio from London, French director and photographer Thibaut Grevet, Indonesian architect Andra Matin, BYO Living design studio from Jakarta, and Bali-based environmental engineers Eco Mantra. So if you're in the city, make sure to come down and visit!

Desa Potato Head Facilities and Experiences

In 2022 we also see there is a shift in travel behaviour with a focus on both physical and mental wellness. This can be seen in the overlap of wellness and luxury tourism with the growing demand for travel experiences that includes fitness activities like yoga retreat or detox program. In terms of wellness, like other luxury hotels, Potato Head Studios have its own gym and spa for guests to rejuvenate after a long day exploring Seminyak and about. Other than that, Guests also have access to morning yoga, desa work out, desa run club, and jamu bar. Another interesting facility you won't find elsewhere is their wellness experience called Sanctuary. Activities include breath work, sound healing, an ice bath, and the one-of-a-kind Light Sound Vibration journey that brings you to a relaxed meditative state to expand your consciousness and spirituality. 

For me personally, one thing that I love the most is the special daybed area which is reserved for the hotel guests only and has an excellent beach view and is equally excellent for people-watching. As you know the hotel is directly connected to the famous Potato Head Beach Club Bali but it can be quite crowded there. By staying at the hotel you don't have to fight for seats! Furthermore, The Sunset Bar on the third floor is also the place to be at sunset, preferably with a cocktail in hand. I will bring you to explore the entire Desa Potato Head in the next post, so stay tuned! If you fancy staying at Potato Head Suites for your next vacation, click here to book!


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  33. Potato Head Studios in Seminyak, Bali sounds like an amazing place to stay. The combination of contemporary design, sustainability, and an all-rounded experience of feast, wellness, and art is intriguing.

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  35. Potato Head Studios in Seminyak, Bali, is truly a gem that has set a new standard for luxury sustainable hotels. From the moment I stepped into the vast open-air lobby, I was captivated by the youthful design and quirky details that embody the hotel's ethos of "Progressive Design. Future Living." The blend of contemporary design, genuine sustainability initiatives, and an all-encompassing experience of feasting, wellness, and art make Potato Head Studios stand out.

    During my stay in the Desa Studio Room, I was immersed in a sanctuary of design and functionality. The room's interior, featuring light-colored wooden furnishings and raw brick walls, exuded warmth and elegance. The bathroom, a mini sanctuary in itself, boasted a sauna-style wood design and double shower features. The attention to detail was evident, from the unique scents using a Gaya Ceramic reed holder to the eco-friendly bath products by Bali-based Sensatia Botanicals.

    The in-room amenities truly elevated the luxury experience, with a complete bar set up paying homage to the award-winning Potato Head Beach Club Bali. The provision of refillable amenities, bamboo cutleries, and a variety of books related to design and sustainability added a thoughtful touch.

    Breakfast was a delight, with a diverse menu served on the lawn overlooking the beach. The absence of a buffet in favor of individual orders not only ensured high-quality, delicious food but also minimized food waste. The atmosphere, especially when enjoyed on the restaurant's daybed by the pool, made for a perfect start to the day.

    What sets Potato Head Studios apart is its strong commitment to sustainability. The Sustainability Store, offering reusable items and recycled products, reflects their dedication to reducing waste. The use of recycled materials in room decorations and furniture, along with the option to refill water daily, showcases their eco-friendly approach.

    Beyond the luxurious rooms, the hotel's facilities and experiences, such as the gym, spa, morning yoga, and unique wellness activities like the Light Sound Vibration journey, cater to both physical and mental well-being. The exclusive daybed area reserved for hotel guests provided a serene space with an excellent beach view, offering a peaceful alternative to the bustling Potato Head Beach Club.

    Potato Head Studios has not only redefined luxury accommodation but also embraced sustainability as a core value. It's a destination where every detail is thoughtfully curated, making it a haven for those seeking a holistic and environmentally conscious travel experience. I highly recommend Potato Head Studios for anyone looking to indulge in a dream life at its best!

  36. This looks like a beautiful place to stay. My daughter was in Bali recently and I think she went to the Potato Head Studios
    Julia x


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