a year of growth

a year of growth

A year of growth

Hello! I haven't been updating the blog for a while. Hope everyone has been good! I feel that the first half of 2023 is a year of growth. Spiritual growth is not only about "becoming something". In fact, there is a lot of releases and unbecoming. I am also committed to my personal growth in other part of life which is career, different level of relationship, investing more into education, and allocating my time better.

Sharing more from my birthday last month. Received some gifts from my loved ones. Tried a new restaurant in town which I love. It is difficult to find a good restaurant these days because it feels that the food scene is often saturated of what's trending or hype. On the other hand, not every "hyped restaurant" in social media actually tastes good. Silk bistro is one that ticks all the boxes, good food, good ambience, good service, definitely would love to be back. I also use this opportunity to connect more with friends I haven't seen for so long. It is always good to reconnect back. How's your first half of the year has been?


  1. Focusing on yourself is so important Good luck with your studies and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  2. Personal growth is imperative, I love your outfit by the way.

    The Style Fanatic

  3. Hey there! I hope you're having a good summer season so far!

    I am happy to see your updates once again and specially to read that you're experiencing a personal growth that is having an impact in other areas of your life! I am happy to read this since I have been through similar issues :)

    And you put these feelings into really nice visuals! This post is really inspiring and I hope you find peace and joy in many other areas of your life :)

    Hey Fungi

  4. Focusing on yourself is so important! On another note, a belated Happy birthday - that cake looks so delicious.
    Julia x


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