scarlett's cafe jakarta

scarlett's cafe jakarta

Scarlett's Cafe Senopati Jakarta.

Scarlett's Cafe is one of the famous dessert cafe in Jakarta with various menu. Established in 2020 as a home based custom cake shop, now it has two physical stores located in Pik and Senopati area. Even though they started as a bakery, but the cafe also serves savoury food. See below on the menu we ordered at Scarlett's Cafe Senopati. 

Scarlett's Cafe Menu

Here are the menu we ordered at Scarlett's Cafe Senopati. First thing first is the infamous Truffle Capellini which is a cold pasta. Think of truffle aglio olio with prawn but a cold version. Love how al dente and umami it tastes, something different compared to what other cafe served. The next one is their Salmon and Renoulade Open Sandwich which used homemade sourdough as based and topped with cold salmon and pouched egg with renoulade sauce, great for an all day dining option. For drinks we ordered their iced cappuccino, quite strong in my opinion, love it. For dessert we had the Strawberry Pistachio cake that has been one of their best seller. The layered dessert has a soft moisture sponge cake with fresh cream in between and topped with strawberry. The portion is quite generous, it can be shared between two people.

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In terms of interior, the one in Senopati has more of a rustic industrial vibe with orange tiles, unfinished walls, and metal furniture and finishing. it has two storey and is open from wednesday to sunday from 11 am. The yellow lighting and indie music makes this place a great hangout venue from brunch until dinner. It shows a stark contrast with a Korean style interior in the Pik branch. The cafe does not accept reservation and there's always a queue, so I suggest you to come early to get a seat. 

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