best coffee shops in Tokyo

best coffee shops in Tokyo

Best Coffee Shops in Tokyo

Koffee Mameya - Omotesando

One of the most famous specialty coffee shops in Tokyo, Koffee Mameya is a must visit. They have two branches, one in Omotesando and another Koffee Mameya Kakaru in Kiba Area. They serve a collection of various coffee beans from different coffee roasters around the world. For example, Homeground Coffee Singapore, Momo Coffee Korea, Ditta Artigianale in Florence, Code Black Melbourne, and Common Ground Indonesia. The menu is categorised by dark to light roast coffee from Hacienda Copey Geisha to Wanoja Kamala beans. I had the Guatemala Coffee beans from Tokado Coffee Fukuoka. Guatemala beans is characterised by its full, bold taste with less acidity, I had it made with manual brew technique with ice and it is such a refreshing in the middle of hot afternoon weather. I will surely come back to try different types of beans. Aside from enjoying coffee on the spot, you can also buy the beans back home.

Streamer Coffee - Azabu Juban

Streamer Coffee Company is one of the famous coffee chains in Tokyo with a total of 16 branches. I visited their Azabu Juban branch located in between Azabu Juban and Roppongi Hills. The area itself is a melting spot for local residents, business man to students alike. I ordered their ice white with espresso made using the La Marzocco Linea Classic 2. The latte has a perfect balanced of bold coffee and the sweet milk. The store is a former 30 years old soba restaurant, refreshed to be a coffee shop. The wooden interior and furniture as well as the warm lighting with minimal decoration gives this store a cozy feeling.

Onibus Coffee - Nakameguro

This neighbourhood coffee shop is a charm by itself. Located in the small lane in Nakameguro area, the wooden exterior will catch your eye from afar. They serve various beans from different countries of origin like Rwanda (Nyarusiza Lot 1 - Bourbon) , Colombia (Robinson Guranizo - Geisha), and also their own Onibus blend. There are different coffee menus that can be served with espresso based or hand brewed. This little two storied building is dominated by light coloured wood material for its floor, wall, and furniture. On the second floor there is a small seating area overlooking a passing train.A perfect small little space for daydreaming in the afternoon or just reading your favourite book. Onibus means "Public Bus" in Portuguese and it is the mission of this coffee shop to connect people, just like the public bus. There are a total of six Onibus Coffee branches in Tokyo and another one called About Life Coffee Brewers.

Fuglen - Asakusa

Fuglen is a brand established in Oslo since 1963 and expanded in Tokyo in 2012 with five branches as well as one branch in Fukuoka at the moment. They have their own coffee roaster in Tokyo to ensure freshness of their beans. They also sell and distribute the beans to other countries in Asia. Their roasting note is more to the light side, so you can still taste the flowers like honey, flowers, and fruits, and at the same time expect the silky body with slight acidity. For the coffee beans itself, they have a wide variety of origin including Peru (La Mandarina), Colombia (Santa Elena), Kenya (AA Gatomboya), and many more. I visited their Asakusa branch and it was settled near the busy shopping street in Asakusa. The store itself has two floors and it was quite busy, nonetheless the coffee was served quite fast. I had their refreshing iced latte and sat by the window. Enjoying the coffee while seeing people passing by is good way to spend my slow afternoon. 

Alpha Beta Coffee Club - Jiyugaoka

One of the hidden gem located in a residential area of Jiyugaoka, Alpha Beta Coffee is a cult favourite. They started as a coffee subscription service, the current offline store still have the same spirit. They focus on showcasing different craft coffee as their rotation menu curated by the founders. The store is spacious with both indoor and outdoor seating. It has an airy and open concept with minimalist colours. Unlike the other coffee shops in busy area like Shibuya or Shinjuku, this particular store is quiet and relaxing. You can try their various coffee menu from espresso based, to cold brew, and nitro. On top of that they also serve craft beers, tea, cocoa, and food like toasts, pudding, and pastries.

Blue Bottle - Daikanyama

Blue Bottle is another famous coffee chain in Japan from the US. Their coffee beans are carefully selected and curated from traceable fair trade producers. In Tokyo there are 12 branches of Blue Bottle and one Man Made by Blue Bottle. Situated at The Forest Gate Daikanyama, the store is very spacious and also have a concept shop where they sell beans and merchandises. There are both indoor and outdoor seating in this not so crowded neighbourhood. Perfect for working from cafe or just hanging out with your friends. They have a selection of espresso based drinks, drip coffee, cold brew, and non coffee  menus. This branch also serves a variety of food like pastries, dessert, and savoury toasts. The store design is dominated by concrete style grey counter and industrial contemporary furnitures, giving a minimalist vibe in an urban setting.

Cirty - Daikanyama

Located in the Forest Gate at an upscale neighbourhood of Daikanyama, City brings its own charm to the coffee scene. The cafe focuses on circular consumption, environmentally friendly, and sustainability. Their coffee menu is simple, just the basic espresso based, drip coffee, and cold brew, but expect to taste their vegan menu delicacies ranging from soup, salad, to acai bowl. The store is designed by Kengo Kuma, a well known architect in Japan with an urban garden concept. The interior feels light and airy with glass windows, high ceiling, plenty of natural light, and plants. they have a herb garden in rooftop which they used for their food. At the same place they have their mini flower market just outside of the cafe. They also have their own workshop and City Marche, a local brand market happening regularly every month. 

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