under the bright night sky

under the bright night sky

Meeting with friends doing the 3d Google sketchup at Starbucks, Raffles Place

Then ended up with photo session at the Raffles Place square. Luckily the night sky is bright :)

Zaimah in the foreground and Veron at the back :)

dress: rumah mode
scarf: forever 21
shoes: random
bangles: random
watch: dkny

jump and reach the dreams ;)

it's 1.30 am already in here. i need to sleep soon because tomorrow i got presentation haha.
btw i am still confuse what will i major in term 4 later. advertising or fashion communication?


  1. i love all the pattern and fun going on in these pics

    you look so cute

    Vi from Cali

  2. You look too cute - this looks like such a fun time with your friends! =) And I'm loving your outfit too, sweetie!

  3. I adore your outfit! Pretty colors and great accessories! xoxoxoxo

  4. such fun photos!!! :)
    hope you have a wonderful week ahead! x

  5. waaaa... you look pretty ka! and i lol on the rummod nya hohoho. go factory outlet! hahaha xDD miss you ka. and goodluck yaa on the presentation :D :D

  6. you had so much fun ! ahh how i want to hang out with my friends x) you all look so great . i love the outfits . good luck for the presentation dear !

  7. hello my fhen
    so long not left my comment here ;)
    iya nich cc dateng ke sana mgkn march next year
    hahahah yaelah masi lama yach
    maybe mau flat ato room di apart aja
    soalnya 4 orang :) any recommend place?
    temenku bilang di lucky plaza sich, what do u think?

    emang mood km kenapa beb?
    cheer up!! :) ayoo support each other aja
    masalah kuliah kah?

    miss u,
    miss lia

  8. Luv ur pics, lots of fun!!! Hope u have a stunning day xx

  9. So much fun!!!
    There is nothing like being with friends over the night!
    Love that!
    I wanna a Starbucks at my city too! But when? Only God knows ;)

    Many kisses!

  10. Cute photos! Love the skyline image and the jumping one is my favorite :)


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