heavenly pearls

heavenly pearls

jewelery is not just a 'decoration' on our look but a right jewelry will enchance and flaunt our overall outfit. To me, picking a jewelry should be done carefully, i mean i dont buy just because of the lust but i buy for my investment. Buy it now and i still can wear it again 5 or even 10 years later. I knoow how we love diamonds and all those sparkles, but i think pearls have the je ne sais quoi feeling of elegant, classy, yet timeless. Since the first time i saw Audrey Hepburn wearing strands of pearl necklace in Breakfast at Tiffany's, i fall in love with the range of pearls :D They are like magic beads. Put on your necklace on top of your favourite dress (especially LBD) and voila! you are so ready to go and seriously it never goes wrong.

i also noticed Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City wearing those gorgeous pearl necklace (maybe some of you also wonder) which later i found that it is one of the collection of Mikimoto Pearls. Yup it is 8.5 mm Mikimoto Pearl Opera length 32 inches. Mikimoto Kōkichi is one of the famous jewelry designers whose first shop is established in 1899 in Ginza district.

It is just amazing of how the Asian beautiful crafted pearl collection is still a favourite until now and is well known accros the world. The other collection from Mikimoto includes earrings, bracelent, pendant, you name it!

I also like this south sea black and white pearl earrings.
pretty arent they, honey?

Mikimoto also support breast cancer awareness through the launching of this Pink Cancer Ribbon Pendant, combination of Pearl, Diamond, and Sapphire. Moreover, some amount of purchase will be donated to Young Survival Coalition. It feels great when you shop and still can contribute something to the community :D

Ready to have the subtle, classy, feminime, and elegant look? go and grab the pearls now! Because fashion fades, but style is eternal, so we'd better invest invest invest! ;)


  1. hmm.. im not a fan of jewelry but i have to admit that pearl is beautiful. have you ever seen the black pearl? they say it only exist in the timor area. and it's priceless, as they say. :))

  2. I LOVE Mikimoto...I got my first set of pearls for my 16th birthday, which I haven't worn as much as I'd like to (I just don't really have many places to wear them now), but can't wait til when I get older and can wear them to fun dinner parties =)
    I loveeee Audrey and Carrie Bradshaw (and Charlotte's daughter is TOO cute for words!).

  3. owh I love pearl necklace, but can't afford it :( only have the faux one hihihihihi :P

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  5. i love pearls.. just see my newest post.. and i love breakfast at tiffany's and sex and the city too.. will u return for xmas holiday? if you do, let's meet up (:

  6. a simple strand of pearls. such a good thing -- classic and elegant. i only have fake ones at this point, but i'm ok with that. :)

    hope you have a nice weekend. :)

  7. my mom has some mikimoto pearls....so elegant!

  8. You share the same love of pearls as me. If I want to make something look elegant I just put on my pearl necklace and it will make anything look elegant. Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  9. that breast cancer pearl piece is just beautiful and what a great cause!

  10. I love pearls! SO simple, but can really look glamorous and beautiful.

  11. Gorgeous post, darling! I love Mikimoto pearls!


  12. Excellent post. Pears really are timeless. Love your blog! Hope you're having a great day.

  13. i love pearls!! i love mikimoto!!
    tks for the comment in my blog!
    i hope that you link me!
    kisses from brazil :)

  14. i absolutely love pearls!
    have you seen vivienne westwood's pearl collections? love love love!!

    And I would also love to have you guest post :D
    thanks for volunteering ^^
    there are no conditions really, coz my blog is really random. Just anything you feel like writing ^^

  15. I love Audrey Hepburn and her film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" :D

  16. oh I'm a HUGE fan of pearls! ;) Carrie does it oh-so right for me. Mixing it up is always fun!

  17. klo nangis seember,
    ntar bs brubah jadi mutiara gga ya dde airmata na?

    *LOL :))

    miss u so dear :3

  18. I am a huge pearl girl. I actually wear oversized pearl studs every, single day haha. I love love love pearls and I don't even like jewelry that much

  19. hey dear
    thanks for the comment
    nice blog;)



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