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These urban shoes are gonna spice up your days glam pie hi blue pink glam pie ice strawberry glam pie hi ivy pack berry berry yep they...

These urban shoes are gonna spice up your days

glam pie hi blue pink

glam pie ice strawberry

glam pie hi ivy pack berry berry

yep they are on promotion too

and these are my favourites to stand out among the crowd! uber cool and glam at the same time.

smoothie tartan-cherry

glam hi pie blue chocolate

glam hi top-ice

Those are some part of the collection of Pastry , a brand created by Angella and Vanessa Simmons.
their bakery style website is very sweet, cute and interactive and also provided other sweet sneakers, delicious shoes, yummy outfits, candy coated eyewear, treats for kids, and indulging sale.
I love the playful colours and how they will brighten my outfit! furthermore can be used for those dress up or dress down days too. these hi top sneakers will blown away those monday blues, for sure, cause they make your wardrobe alive and kickin'~

For the month of february, Pastry is sharing some love for you, my readers!
enter the code: HappyValentine
and get 10% discount on min. purchase of $50 for online shopping!
what are you waiting for? go check their website now! ;)

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18 dialogues

  1. wew,,i like glam pie hi ivy pack berry berry !

    just visit my blog too dear,, <3


  2. love the smoothie tartan-cherry ;)

  3. these are some cute shoes fhen!! lovelyyyyy!!!

  4. OMG... I love the glam pie hi blue pink

  5. wooouw...all of those shoes so cool..fhen,i give u an award..check in my blog :)

  6. fhenn
    spatunya bagus banget
    onliine only? no boutique in sg??

  7. Those are some really extraordinary shoes. Wow :)

  8. I love the smoothie tartan cherry. Such awesome shoes. Love love love!!!

  9. The glam pie hi blue pink is so cute!!! Pity I never walk out of the house wearing anything flatter than 3-inch heels. x_x

    <3 from

  10. cool those look really comfortable

  11. whoaaaa love the black-red tartan one! >_<

  12. nice sport shoes,,and look so comfort

  13. I'm crazy of high top sneakers!! haha.. and nice one. gonna check out the website :)

  14. darLa..
    verRy Like the glam pie hi ivy pack berry berry..
    iT's cooL..buT girL couRse..
    iT's my faV coLOur,,"PINK"..
    viSiT my bLog..


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