Doctor Marten's 50th anniversary

Doctor Marten's 50th Anniversary The iconic Dr Martens has turned 50 on April this year, celebrating half century of creating fashiona...

Doctor Marten's 50th Anniversary

The iconic Dr Martens has turned 50 on April this year, celebrating half century of creating fashionable crowds.

Originally, Dr. Klaus Maertens invented the shoe's signature air-cushioned sole in order to improve Germany's standard-issue of army boots in WW II. Later on, Maertens sold his patent in 1959 to a British shoe manufacturer. On April 1, 1960, with the addition the classic yellow stitching and Air wair tag trademark at the back of the boot, the first pair of Dr. Martens hit High Street and still roaming and favourited until this point of time.

In Singapore, the celebration is held with the fashion show at Zouk by Doctor Martens and Fred Perry then followed by the after party.

F21 black ruffle blouse
F21 pearl necklace
Hula and co studded skirt
mom's vintage sheer outerwear
Steve Madden gladiator wedges


check out on two of the videos in celebration of 50th years anniversary
If the Kids are United - The Duke Spirit

Ever fallen in Love with You Shouldnt Have  - Noisettes

Oh and these are sooo tempting!

the new Koram Farm series, an addition to modern classic with metallic twist on leather. Stand out among the crowds, ladies!

and other favourites

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  1. ci fhen! kok ngaaa ngajak?
    pengen loh!
    btw doc martens only avaiable in on pedder sama pedder red yah? official shop di sg mana sih c fhen? :))

    nice outfit btw!

  2. the boots are awesomeeee *drools* i like how they use that tattoo as an entrance signature. cooh!

  3. nice post ci fhenny!
    agree doc marts are so cool
    wish i can have a pair of those metallic shoes

    btw, i'm planning to visit spore soon :)

    Castor Pollux

  4. awesome party!
    ah coba aja ada doc mart celebration juga di Indo. must be really fun.
    love Docmart so much!

  5. awesome post and great outfit!

    they were selling boots in the london flagship store for £14.60 (rather than £75) on april 1st and i was soo gutted i couldn't get a pair :(

  6. i want doc m's so bad but im afraid of my foot be gigantic and not being able to pull it off :(

    you look great btw the necklace and the belt are just perfect

    Vi from Cali

  7. Really luved ur post!! Luv DOCS! XXX

  8. Looked like an amazing event. Still not convinced I'd look good in a pair of DMs, but the range is seriously awesome.

  9. Loving your outfit-gorgeous!And those metal DM's-wow!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend:)


  10. i know that necklace!! kmrn gw udah hampir beli tp stlh gw pikir2 gw beli cincin aja deh akhirnya hahaha. wawawaww doc martens metalic! tp betis gw jd gede bgt klo pake doc martens sebel gw hahahha

  11. woohooo!! nice post, fhenn! gilak seru bgt keknya!! yes, yg koram farm itu kerennn bgttt!! and that entrance sign is so coooll! jadi kayak tatto gitu, and u look so pretty, dear! i love the wedges and the studded skirtt!!

    brainless me.

  12. doc marts!! i wanna have one so bad :((

  13. mom's thingss emg nge-trend lg ya jaman skrg. hahahahahah.
    i love doc martens too... to gtw mau pake doc.mar kmana. hehehe ;P

  14. love dr martens!!
    my favourite shoes.
    great pics.

  15. Wow so cool ! I love your black outfit ci ! And I adore doc mart ! Haha . I want those pink boots so badly ;)

  16. nice event! =)) and those metallic boots are to die for.

    hugs and kisses,

  17. kalungnya bagus :D
    duhh duhh bootsny bkin ngiler dehh

    xoxo nathalie

  18. wow, you join in nice event!
    I love your blouse. Anyway, I have blog award to you. Check it out on my blog!

  19. menyenangkan sekali fhenn..
    i love the black outfit with the pearls and studs. so random hehe

  20. ooh i love dr martens but they are a tad clumpy which is quite annoying and your outfit has to be perfect!

  21. awesome party...
    Love your boots, it's cool!
    Great Photo!!!

  22. I would love some but they are all in leather.

  23. thank youuu =^.^=

    omg i so want a black pair of DR. Martens, what colors do you want?:D


  24. I love those patent DMs... they are so fabulous. And you are so gorgeous in your black outfit... I love the pearls. xoxo

  25. awww love your skirt too, niceeyyy :)
    ive linked you too btw :) nice blog

  26. i hope you enjoyed the event! (:
    and thank you very much, i'll work hard for the contest!

  27. Love your perls, georgeous:)

    lol Factory Girl

  28. Good luck with school!!! xx

  29. veryyyy nice, i wish i had the metallic ones xx

  30. gorgeous post. you two are such beauties!

  31. wow!
    great photos :D :D :D
    loving those temporary tattoos xx

  32. Ci fhenny ntar aku May ke singapore lho hope we can meet yah :)

  33. nice post !
    great blog !! :)

    visit me back


  34. thank you dear!
    uhh, seems happy cause you could attend the doc martens anniversary! wow!
    btw, wanna follow each other? :)

    xoxo, bee ♥

  35. justru itu fhen, biasa g dr bloggerny langsung. tp tiba2 kok ngilang yah. ga bisa browse pic nya gitu..sedih deh :(

    btw nice outfit fhen! seems like you were having fun :D

  36. doc.mart sure is super cool! can't believe it already 50 years old XD

    thanks for stopping by at my blog :D
    have a nice daayy :DD

  37. what a cool party & oooh i love dr marten! ;D

  38. I still have a pair from when I was in the seventh grade - I can't get rid of them; they are truly too fabulous! :)

  39. Yea DOCS!!!! I sooooooooo want a pair of pink ones after seeing this post!

  40. fhenny, are you in singapore rite now??
    oh i so envy you!! :D

    i'm crossing my fingers so i can be there too around may 12, for deep purple concert!! *FINGERS CROSSED!!*

    neways, you always look good in black, and although i don't really wear doc.martens, the history behind the products is just fascinating!

    great post! :D


  41. totally adore the necklace :)
    and i see you changed your header! i lvoe the color.. so ethereal and whimsical :)

  42. OMG nice outfit girl, you are so cute heemmm... Wanna exchange link?? If u don't mind... And Thanks for your comment in My Blog pretty hehheee...


  43. love the doc martens showcase
    you have an awesome blog, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the encouraging comments!


  44. c fhen! love your new header nih btw!

  45. Hi, Fhen^__^

    Thanks for dropping by!

    I love your blog likewise<3


    Miss. P

  46. i love your new layout fhen :D
    and you look really gorgeous on that party ! i love your stack of necklaces love !

    and nooo i didnt color my hair (pengen sih takut ketagihan ntar rambut gw kering..hhaha)

    MICHELLE || Glisters and Blisters

  47. great party! hehehhe anw nice blog
    do visit my blog :)

  48. ooh i wish i owned a pair of pink or black doc martens :) they're so cool! fantastic pictures darling, enjoy the rest of your week ♥

  49. i love the boots and you are too cute!

  50. I've never owned a pair but the pink are awfully fun!

  51. oh doc martins. yay for them! i sported MANY a pair of them when i was young, and it is kind of fun to see that the tradition continues. :)

  52. I recently fall in love with their floral boots!! I think they are just adorable!! I like your long necklace in the picture!!! Great post!! :)


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