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The fall winter collection of Dolce and Gabbana intrigues me, the blend of androgyonus style and stardust attack is like no other. At first,...

The fall winter collection of Dolce and Gabbana intrigues me, the blend of androgyonus style and stardust attack is like no other. At first, when we think abot it, star prints may look tacky, but the fashion house show us how to pull them off.


I found this skirt on thrifted store while I acompanied my friend, we passed by Woman Council in Bras Basah and they are having kind of bazaar. I saw this star printed piece at a glance and it still has a new tag on it, but that day i scored it with only sgd$ 1.5 yes 1 point 5, my cheapest buy so far, i couldn't be more happier.

 pair it with black blazer and a pair of loafers for androgyny hint.

Massimo Dutti top. unbranded black blazer. thrifted skirt. Mitju loafers. Zara large clutch. Dior Addict lipstick.
tips on wearing star prints piece:
As a start, choose a neutral colour piece and smaller prints. When you get used to it, get bigger prints.
Try them off, it should be fun!


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  1. super cute top and skirt ci fhenn. love this outfit <3

  2. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love your skirt!


  3. I love androgynous style. DG is awesomeee loving those looks.


  4. lovely outfit!! and i love the background in your pics.

  5. my dear friend, you look so great, love your cool skirt!

    love always!

  6. nice outfit dear!
    love ur blazer <3

  7. What a great skirt - and such a bargain too! I do love the star print, although I can't believe it's already making a comback (didn't we have this a few seasons ago already?).

  8. amazing shirt and the skirt is great! :) it's very original!! you look supercute!

  9. I've given you an award,
    Check it out on my blog! =)

  10. perfect black and white,love your pretty shoes,skirt. cute fhennnn <3!!

  11. RE Singapore : Actually I'm working there then I go back to Jakarta.

    Btw lovely top ! Nice outfit :)

  12. Love the skirt and the shoes! <3

  13. Thank you for your comment;)
    this skirt is awesome! I never think star prints will be good to compare, but you did.:)


  14. ya ya, actually i went to F1 just to take some photo. :) hehe. i sat at the zone 2 grandstand. :) next year i think their last race in singapore. go and watch. :) yaaa.. let's go. maybe do some chitchat. :) i will email you.. :) fhenny let me know if there is a bazaar in singapore. i'm so lack info here. thanks.. :)

  15. Love your outfit!!! The DG collection was soo great, you picked good inspiration ;)

  16. you have recreated the look perfectly ... shine little star :-)

  17. such a wonderful outfit! love the skirt and the price for it.

  18. love your outfit! followed!
    visit me blog! im a newbie..

  19. great outfit :)

    check out my blog whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  20. Love ur outfits and u look so gorgeous !!

    Feel free to check and follow my blog <3
    I'm still new :)


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