brightspot market #8 review

brightspot market #8 review

Here it comes again, one of Jakarta's most anticipated event. Brightspot Market is back with it;s lucky number eight edition to rock the urban fashion culture and lifestyle. Held at Gandaria City 3rd floor, Brightspot Market has more or less 140 brands (mostly local) coming together in one place.

(Pot Meets Pop denim from Bandung, various ties, colourful Baggu Bag!, lots of loafers and oxfords from Seba Shoes)

we went there on the opening, Thursday June 7 at about 8pm (got the invites from Nylon Guys), and I was so excited to explore the hall. I found out that the place has a good layout, high ceiling, and decent aircon so it doesn't feel to cramped and is comfortable to walk around. If you are coming in the weekend, I suggest you to come early, as it usually gets crowder by night.

Nearly three years ago, when it first come up, Brightspot Market is only known to the fashion insider and those segmented target market, but as it gets into the 8th edition, more and more people are enthusiastic to find out what is it about, even if they are not being so-into-fashion (even my friend from other faculties are curious about it). C&C Project and Future 10 are definitely succeded in expanding this lifestyle concept.

 (Repent monochromatic clothes, Cool menswear at Inksomnia - they have one of the best visual merchandising, and the uber cool leather shoes from Zevin)

Nearly all of the booths has creative set up, so it makes me want to approach the brand. I have heard most of the paritcipants as they joined the previous event, but I also found some new brands. it has womenswear, menswear, interior products, polaroids, books, and even kidswear! And of course there are a lot more interesting brands, what i captured here is just a glimpse! Don't forget to drop by the Goods Cafe booth to chill out after shopping and get some cupcakes plus their famous baileys milkshake.

Grabbing pieces from Nikicio booth, one of my favourite local label.

(ToiMoi adorable pillow and Geulis necklace- a modern twist on batik pattern)

So, if you are heading to the Brightspot or in case you are Brightspot first timer, read on the guide below:
1. Bring more CASH. So your transaction will be faster (and BNI cc for the lucky dip)
2. Wear comfortable clothes and of course shoes. Cause you will be roaming around and trying on the clothes.
3. Check your favourite brand's website first, because some brand allows you to order via website then pick it up at the event.
4. Don't get lost, see the market map here.

Well, overall I think it is one of best Brightspot Market set up so far, because the well curated space allows you to roam around comfortably. Well, the best think to know more is to visit it by
yourself. So what are you waiting for? It's open till June 10! give the local products some love :)


  1. ga sempet2 mau kesana deeeeh :'(


  2. fhenny bikin sirik aarr!! :(
    miss you already..

  3. OMG! so envy there are a lot of stuffs to die for!

  4. Komprehensif, keren Fen! Hahaha!

  5. Omg, how I miss Indonesia! It's totally different there now~

    Nice photograph by the way!


  6. So u still in Jakarta then fhen? Too bad aku ga ke brightspot yang kemaren :( College things!! argg.

    crunchy cheese me

  7. i like all the great shoes and the backpacks!

  8. So many great things in these photos!! Such a great blog- following you :)


  9. amazing pieces! I want that striped back pack and one of those friendship bracelets!! Nice post! xx



  10. loving your blog, keep it up!


  11. Such a great event! ^^ Wish I can be there. Thanks for sharing this post dear :)

    Join my birthday giveaway, open internationally, win pretty mini dress or magnificent outwear! Click here \(^o^)/
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  12. Love these pieces. They are so great and stylish.
    I really love thoe shoes.

  13. All of the stuff are GREAT :D


  14. whut? itu nikicio beneran everything is 100k? damn kenapa ga liaaat DDD: i spent moolah on cottonink sobs but it was fun! :D

  15. nice post!


  16. i'm so glad i went to this bazaar... :) nice blog you have! salam kenal ya :)


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