cotton ink voucher giveaway

Style Frontier is back with little giveaway! this time the prize is IDR  150k voucher to one of my favourite Indonesian brand Cotton Ink . ...

Style Frontier is back with little giveaway! this time the prize is IDR 150k voucher to one of my favourite Indonesian brand Cotton Ink. The voucher does not expire, so it can be used anytime :)

Always love their pieces, ranged from comfortable daily wear to some fashion forward garment with lovely details. These pieces are so versatile and adorable thus I would like to share the love with my readers.

1. Must be a follower of style frontier via GFC (or Bloglovin) AND twitter
2. Check out Cotton Ink website here and tell me what would you like to have if you get the voucher
3. Leave a comment below

As simple as 1,2,3 ! :)

put in a comment below saying you have done so (except the tweet)
1. Tweet about the giveaway. put @vheney (+1 each) as many as you like, make sure your account is not locked
2. Follow my pinterest
3. Follow me on lookbook
4. Follow me on tumblr
5. Subscribe via email (+2) -- on sidebar enter your email then click submit
6. Mention about this giveaway on your post /put a link on your sidebar (+3)

1. Giveaway opens worldwide
2. GIveaway closes August 18 23.59pm gmt+8
3. Winner will be announced on August 19
4. Questions about this giveaway? tweet me or formspring

Good luck

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  1. hey :) followed you on GFC, twitter, lookbook, tumblr, and i put your link on my side bar

    i'd like to have the rose collete <3
    Michelle Angeline

  2. followed via GFC, twitter, and pinterest! ;)

    if i get the voucher, i'm going to buy myself beige slub luna as an award for taking excessive overtime at work during july-august :3

  3. Thanks " And Nice , I love flea markets !!

  4. hey cutie! i came here to say thanks for the follow and that it would be a pleasure to follow you back ;-) but i mean, what a sweet surprise! i'd love to enter this giveaway ;-) and ohh the things i'd do for this sweet jacket!

    hope you have a good weekend! talk soon ;-)

    xx, james

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  6. Followed you on GFC : Janangelica L
    twitter : @janangelical
    and Bloglovin :)

    I want (gold tassels Boxy)

    mention about this giveaway on -->

  7. Beautiful pieces

    Would love for you to check out my new post

  8. I do love cottonink a lot. Goodluck to u! :D

  9. Your Blog is cute ♥
    If you have time you can also check out my blog,
    I just shared Buck the Bank Holiday I would love to hear your comment about the shoes.. Thanks Dear


  10. Hello Fhenny, Followed you on GFC, Twitter, Lookbook,Tumblr,Pinterest

    if i get the voucher, i'm going to buy 2 or 3 cotton ink shawls, because i'm a lover of cotton ink shawls! :)

  11. beautiful collection!! The pieces are so whimsical and wearable!

  12. done the rules dear ;)

    gfc : bibiana dellavie
    titter : @laavsh
    followed via tumblr : smell of sunshine (laavsh)
    tweeted :
    blog sidebar :

    subscrive via emai :

  13. aaaa i want to use the voucher to buy their shawl , the pink one :)

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  15. nice giveaway and I adore CottonInk too :D

    Followed you via GFC, twitter, pinterest, lookbook, and tumblr (all accounts' name: lovadlina).
    Also susbcribed Style Frontier via email (
    and if I get the voucher, I would like to have Molly Blouse and/or Gold Tassels Boxy.

    merci :)

  16. 1,2,3 DONE

    xtra entries:
    1,2,3,4,5,6 DONE

    GFC: Prettiest Me

    u can check at..

    My Twitter l My Facebook l My Blog l My tumblr l My lookbook l My pinterest l My bloglovin

    with ♥,

  17. and i want this WHITE PHILOSOPHY from COTTONINK, if i win. wish me luck ^^

    thanks for this lovely giveaway

  18. hi, thankyou sweet heart <3
    i got a new post already... check it ;)
    oh and if u like, we can follow eachother? :)

    re: totally love this outfit!
    you rock
    :o but you look great with brown hair!
    do post more pictures after dyeing it

    join Cotton ink voucher GIVEAWAY

  19. I Follwed you on twitter and bloglovin..
    My email is
    I am exciting about your giveaway..

  20. Hi dear!
    I'd love this top:

    I follow you everywhere :)
    Samantha Tedesco

  21. I follow you on lookbook!
    Samantha Tedesco

  22. hey dear
    I've completed all the steps for cotton ink voucher giveaway by Style Frontier

    if i get the voucher, i'm going to buy ROSE CUT-OUT SHIRT Rose Shirt with Slits

    I followed via GFC : Manda
    and twitter (@mndalicious)
    followed your pinterest, lookbook and tumblr

    I've been tweeted on my twitter @mndalicious about this giveaway and put @vheney on my tweets.

    I've Subscribe via email :

    posting information about this giveaway on my blog. please check :
    and put a link button about this giveaway on on the right sidebar of my blog

    thankyou ♥
    wish me luck :)

  23. I follow you on GFC and twitter.
    I would love to have the rose collete!!!

  24. great giveaway!


  25. This is so inspiring, you really know what you're doing :)


  26. follow your blog twitter tumblr been long time hihii :):)
    me want Rose Cut-out shirt

  27. Super Yayness ! I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it.
    Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect name liz and twitter name dokidokico
    Absolutely love love love this ROSETTE NEPTUNE KNEE

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me


  28. thanks for your lovely comment in my blog! i went to JJF on saturday :D so glad to know that there are bloggers who love JJF too!

    Pudding Monster

  29. Hey..these are some nice pictures! Inspiring indeed =)

    Currently I'm hosting a giveaway too at my blog. Would appreciate it if you take some time to participate.

  30. I've followed your blog and twitter been a long time~
    I would love to have Istanbul bag from Cotton ink because it's so versatile and it can be used as my daily bag to college :3
    Followed your lb and tumblr! xx

  31. GFC: Nila Kussriani
    Twitter: @lmarthadinata
    i will buy this

    Followed on pinterest as Nila Kussriani
    Followed on lookbook as Nila Kussriani
    Followed on tumblr as nilakussriani
    Subscribed via email as
    added on my sidebar

  32. Fhenny! So glad that you have another giveway x)
    I've followed you on twittah, tumblr and become a fan of your lookbook. I also have subscribed you by email! :) and I'm gonna post it on my blog and side bar asap fhen.
    And if I get the voucher, I would like to spend it for the gorgeous Black Padma for sure!! :))

    *just take the picts of Revlon event from my blog. Feel free!

  33. Great blog ;*
    I follow you, can you follow me back?

  34. Hi Fhenny :)
    I followed you on GFC...
    I'd love to get the voucher and gonna use it for the edgy ethnika pants...
    Me loooovvveee Cotton-Ink too...
    they're adorable..

  35. this ia a cool gveaway!
    adore the dress!

  36. followed you via GFC, twitter:)
    If I win this give away I want to buy the rose/ grey miniboxy shirt:)

  37. wow wow woooow sounds tempting fhen! how's the bazaar anywayy? share the pics dooong hehe


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  39. Here's my entry
    I've followed you on GFC and twitter (mine is @taltalita)

    I would like to have Cotton Ink's Navy Debussy blouse/cape if I get the gift card

    Here's my Extra entries:
    I've followed on you tumblr (mine is Paperoux)
    followed on Lookbook via facebook
    I've subscribed to your blog via email
    and posted abut this giveaway on my blog

    Thanks Fhenny!
    *finger crossed*

  40. good luck for all of participants!

  41. ouh, if i could get it, i would pick creme or coral anthea outwear. it seems cool. outer could always give you different outlook when you mix it with the other. and it's a beautiful outer.

  42. Hey Fhenny :))
    I join your giveaway! :)
    GFC : Putri Pasaribu
    twitter : putripasaribu
    If I win, I would like to buy LIGHT REGATTA FRINGE and LIGHT REGATTA KREY from cotton ink <3

    extra entry :
    I tweet about your giveaway :
    Pinterest : putripasaribu
    Lookbook : Putripasaribu
    I have subscribed my email :))
    I put your giveaway link on my blog sidebar :

    Thank You Fhenny :*
    wish me luck <3
    much love ;))

  43. Followed your bloglovin(lisaandkirana)& twitter(@lisaalie) subscribed you via email.
    if i have the voucher i would love to spend it on nude amelie :)

  44. followed your gfc, twitter and fanned on lookbook :)
    subscribed email and tweeted
    I'd like to have cut out gardenia navy

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Have followed you via gfc and twitter
    I wanna have NAVY PORTMAN if i got the gift card cause i think that cardi fits to all outfits and i love its cut.

  47. your fashion style is so inspiring...thanks...awesome...


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