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weather has been freezing lately, and i guess it's time to wear my jacket and pants more often. Recently received this printed tapere...

weather has been freezing lately, and i guess it's time to wear my jacket and pants more often. Recently received this printed tapered pants from and been wanting to share it with you guys!

I rarely wear printed clothing piece, but i just can't resist this and i guess it's a kind of statement piece without shouting too much. Well as you can see this monotone print blends well with my wardrobe and I believe i will wear it with different style next time since it is so versatile. I love the details (has side pockets), fits well, and the fabric is comfortable. Honestly the prints looks better in person! you can see the item here 

Persunmall has a lot of women clothing variety in latest trend. I recommended the site for finding latest clothing pieces without breaking your bank and gives you easy access for shopping online.

Haven't shared with you guys the concert I attended last month in conjunction with Singapore Grand Prix 2013, The Killers live in Singapore ! we came early, waited, and chopped the fans row. It was great that we were so close to the band, if we waited till the race was over we bet we would be in the last row hahah. Was totally in hyper mood jumping and singing their songs for like 2 hours. Never knew Brandon Flower's voice is so good while he sing live and he's so good looking too in real person. It was their first Asia tour and totally excited for it.

"Oh well i don't mind if you don't mind.
Cause i don't shine if you don't shine.
Before you jumped, tell me what you find
When you read my mind" - The Killers

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27 dialogues

  1. I'm such a jacket fiend, too- love 'em! You look super chic!


  2. Great jacket you look beautiful in this outfit.

  3. I like the color and print combination of your top and pants. <3

    xx Diana

  4. beautiful pants and jacket!
    Kisses from Miami,

  5. such amazing look <33 love your printed pants ! anyway, mind to follow each other on GFC, bloglovin and instagram? :)


  6. looks like a fun concert!
    and the printed pants are so you :)
    simple and chic but polished

    The Sweetest Escape 

  7. Ahhh love your outfit so much! I love printed trousers with leather jackets, so chic. x

    Živa | Nothin' Fancy. Really.

  8. leather jacket + printed pants + you= rocks!


  9. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  10. printed pantsnya keyeeeen! kpn balik ke jkt lagi btw fhen?


  11. Perfect pants sweetie. Love your shoes too, you are very chic :)

  12. you look pretty! yes I agree with you, the pants is perfect. it leaves statement needed without being too much ^-^ and it goes reaaaly well with the whole outfit!

  13. You look amazing. Loving the pants and concert pics.

  14. lovely blog :)

  15. gorgeous outfit c fhen! love the pants and also your hair <3

  16. i'm in love with this! great post x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  17. Love those pants, girl! So pretty :)

    & I saw The Killers many years ago.. Totally left the concert with one of their broken drum sticks! Glad you enjoyed your time there!

  18. Cool jacket! :D


  19. Yeah it has gotten cold here too. I just got a quilted MC jacket from Zara that I LOVE! And I need more trousers in my life. This look is great.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC formerly Dressing Ken

  20. Very nice outfit!
    sweet kisses!
    Judith nail polish

  21. You look so chic sweety, loving the printed pants and the fantastic styling.

  22. Stunning outfit hun,hope you well xxx


  23. I really want to see this collection in person! It looks amazing.

    I followed you back on bl.
    Thanks for visitng my blog :)

    <3 Emi

  24. Very nice color & texture combination!


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