samalona island

samalona island

Samalona Island, the beautiful island near Makassar

Samalona Island is most probably one of the most picturesque scene that I have encountered. Samalona is a small island near Makassar that have not yet exploited, thus the clear ocean and sand is indeed a feast to the eyes.

How to get to Samalona Island

The island can be reached in about 40 mins boat ride from Makassar, went to this small port near Fort Rotterdam, and find the boat men. There were 10 of us and we were charged for IDR 400k round trip. The port itself can be reached via taxi. It is a truly recommended place for those who need relaxation and peace. If you have more time, i suggest you to go to another empty island nearby, Kodingareng Keke.

Things to do in Samalona Island

Look at this pristine turquoise water that looks like desktop wallpaper! the sand is so white and soft, which we are hardly find in Jakarta or Bali. It's a perfect place for a one day getaway i suppose. There  are no store that sell properly cooked food (only little daily need shops), so it's best to bring your own food. We packed ours from the "Rumah Makan Nyoto" for a simple traditional food lunch. We rented the rattan bench to put our stuffs there for IDR 50/bench. Since it was a company outing, we just played games and quiz with our Makassar store staffs.

forever 21 top. pull and bear ombre shorts. new look sandals. h&m sunnies

I picked simple outfit with summer feeling. I bought this ombre shorts a long time ago, but this is the first time it appears on the blog hahah but i like how it matched the ocean gradation. I am also a light packer, i only bring a rucksack for all my essentials.

We did snorkel around the island and I'm really impressed. You can rent the snorkel set for IDR 50. I really am thinking to have my own snorkelling gear for next trip hahah. And don't forget your underwater camera if you have one! It is too good to be missed! The fishes were quite a lot but not really grouping, be careful of the sea urchin though. 

Is it possible to stay overnight?

There are also cottage lodgings (guest house) that you can rent per night facing the ocean front. Or you can choose to have a home stay in the local citizens' house. Remember that it is a traditional house with indonesian mat, no air con, or 5 star services. There's no connected electricity in the island, generator runs after dark. The pictures above is a the traditional stage house owned by the people staying at the back side of the island. If you want to stay overnight in the secluded part of Makassar like this, you can visit Tanjung Bira as seen in this post.

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