10 things to do in Gili

10 things to do in Gili

10 Things to do in Gili

The little islands of Gili have captured my heart since I first arrived. Even though it is quite a small island clusters, but apparently there are many things to do in Gili. The Gilis comprise of three islands, Gili Trawangan (where most lively scene occurs). Gili Air, and Gili Meno (quieter side of the islands). I am sure some of you were asking, what are there to do in Gili? Will it be boring? How to go there? So in this post, I will be explaining on the short route and things to do there!

How to get to Gili Islands 

We arrived in Lombok from Bali and took a fast boat from Lombok (Bangsal port) that costs about IDR85k per person that departs at designated timing, this boat looks like ferry so you do not have to worry when the rain pours. There is a cheaper option available at about 30k but this open air boat (something like fisherman boat) took so long as it has to be occupied by 40 ppl then it will depart, well if you don't mind to wait, though. I spend most days in Trawangan, only dropped by Meno for snorkeling and Gili Air for lunch.

So here are the list of things to do in Gili!

1. Snorkeling and Learn to free dive

Gili islands is definitely blessed with clear waters and nice reef. We went to three snorkeling spots like the Reef Garden, Turtle heaven, and the Gili air wall reef. Snorkeling trip is done by boat, going through all 3 Gilis. The fee is approximately IDR 100k per person and you can easily book one near the beachfront shops. Free dive certificate also can be obtained here at one of the Dive centers. Definitely one of my life goals!

2. Picnic

The beaches are powdery white and you can just put your picnic mat anywhere on the island to enjoy yourself a view that is probably not available in your home city.

3. Enjoying sunset by the bar

There are so many bars to choose from, but we visited The Exile and Paradise Sunset Bar, the classic sunset view point in Trawangan.

horse carriage in gili

4. Cycling

The Gili Trawangan only transportation are only bicycle and horse carriage (called "cidomo") by the local. Cycling is one of the favourite things to do in Gili. 3 hours cycling is enough to go one round of this island. Most part of the island does not have street lights. aside from the harbour side, so make sure to come back to the city center before dark.

5. Culinary adventure

Grab some fresh seafood at the night market or indulge in international cuisine. I'll definitely make another full post on this, but my quick recommendations are Trattoria - perfect pizza and pasta overlooking the sea, Seafood at night market that cost IDR 150k for clams, fish, and shrimps, Cafe Kayu for perfect brunch, and Gili Gelato. If you happen to drop by Gili Air, visit the beach front restaurant for awesome Indonesian local food (the satay above)

6. Watch a movie at an open air cinema

A great alternative to the normal indoor cinema, this cinema is called "misbar" (gerimis bubar) by the local meaning show will end if the rain pours. Located just in front of Villa Ombak, the place is equipped with one large screen and instead of normal inclining chair, it has such comfy bean bag seats and you can go barefoot on the sand. It also provides popcorn and snacks during the movie. The ticket costs IDR 50k. (image courtesy of villa Ombak)

7. Relaxing at your resort or have a good massage

Splurge a night at a good resort such as Pearl of Trawangan, Kokomo or Villa ombak. Me myself found a hidden gem in Trawangan, which is, Villa Nero.

8. Shopping

If you think Gili is so isolated that there isn't anything to shop for, you could be wrong. There are some shops nearby the harbour that sells quite a wide range of beachwear and locally made products from Bali and Lombok for souvenirs. If you don't bring enough beachwear, fret not, you can easily get one!

9. Party under the stars

When the sun goes down, Gili Trawangan transforms into a party island with rotating party roster and lively bars by the beach. Go by the Sunset bar and have some drinks, plus they have bonfire every evening too. Hop on a Jiggy Boat for a night party on the boat. Sip some local wine or beer at Tir na Nog Irish Bar. Drop by the hip Horizontal or Sama Sama reggae bar, for some serious party under the stars.

10. Sea kayaking

Another way to see Gili from a different point of view. Karma Kayak located on the north beach of Gili Trawangan can arrange a day of kayaking around the island.

So have you been to Lombok or Gili? Share your experience with me!

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  1. Whoaaa no.6 ! I want it! Its looks great to watch a cinema on the beach! Gorgeous pictures, makes me want go there!


  2. Gili is a very nice place to visit! :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  3. This is officially in my bucket list of travels now! I love it, seems so fun and peaceful and the same time. And that sunset, I want to see it haha and have a party under the stars :)


  4. Looks like a nice place to do the top 10 things,
    I think I'll enjoy #3 and #5 the most ;) Xx
    Ice Pandora

  5. We already want to go to Lombok since months ago but haven't had any chance.
    Thank you for writing this post Fhenny, it urges us more to visit Lombok, asap :)

    thecouplet | L & R

  6. What beautiful photos and great suggestions. I would definitely do all 10 of these, were I go find myself in Gili. I have actually never heard of Gili, so this post was also very informative, thanks! That open-air movie theatre looks absolutely incredible and the beach is so beautiful. Would love to have a picnic there. The only thing I would add to this list is working out on the beach doing yoga or running in the morning.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  7. Beautiful pictures! Such a wonderful place!


  8. Thanks a lot for the wonderful tips and the pictures are simply a dream!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. I'll have to add this to my places to visit! It looks so cool!

    Joyce // Joycentricity

  10. It looks so serene and relaxing. I'll add it to my travel bucket list! // ▲ conundrumofcoitus.com ▲


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