a year of growth

a year of growth

A year of Growth

2020 is surely a year of growth, no matter how difficult it may seem. Most importantly it is the year of rest and spiritual growth at the same time. There are so many things that have changed since the beginning of the year for me. Contrary to popular belief, I feel that a period of quarantine aka rest is much needed for us to look deeper into ourselves. We are very used to live an auto pilot life at 200km/hour. It's refreshing to really have a solitary moment to ask ourselves what we want and what we don't want, what we need and don't.  A lot of people think that a spiritual journey is a fast way to get what we want, but that's not the case. It's a long winding road and a series of repetitive things we do every single day.

"And in those moments where the sun is setting and the house is quiet and you are weary from the day, may you know that there is grace for you in that space, and no amount of heaviness and loneliness can take that away. " - Morgan Harper Nichols.

Spiritual Journey that I have tried this year

A little bit of heads up, first of all in my case, I believe that spirituality is not the same of being religious. For me spirituality means looking inside of yourself and ask why you are here in this world in this lifetime. Since I have many time at home, I have tried many many things this year, starting from writing a gratitude journal, learning a law of attraction, affirmation, tarot reading (special shoutout to Honespire , Enneagramandtarot and Serena) looking at my birth chart (shoutout to my blogging friend Naya Tilly for her help and explanation!), meditation, daily yoga. I have also went to hypnotherapy sessions - Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer, this is very profound sessions to clear up past energies relating to things that makes us sad like our childhood wound, past relationship sadness, and similar issues. Other thing I am learning at the moment is also about super conscious lifting up energy vibration with Christie Marie Sheldon called Love or Above. This immersion is great for those who wants to raise up their energy vibration level according to David R Hawkins vibrational frequency scale.

On the other side, I was also opening my Akashic Records, and was really blown away with what I found out about my past life and how it affects my current life. I was doing all of the above to know more about myself and specifically why am I here in this earth for. I have also just found out that I am a lightworker (see a clearer explanation of it here). 

Lately, I'm really into biohacking, which I have read for quite some time, but haven't really dig into it.  I believe our body alignment and condition will affect how we work, think, and also manifest. At the moment, I use the Soulvana App to learn daily with renowned Shaman, Juan Pablo Baharona though his quest called Quantum Health. I've only on my first week where I learn more about cultivating awareness, breath work, chakra alignment, body posture, and grounding process.


What have changed since the beginning of the year

For me my morning routine definitely have changed (I will write a separate full blog post about this) Upon waking up, I always go to write my gratitude journal and also my dream journal (as lately my dreams are getting very vivid). The day will be followed by a 20 minutes meditation and 15 minutes of yoga stretching. Last but not least, I will go into my Quantum Health Quest. After everything is done, I will go to shower, have a breakfast and continue with my work. I feel more energised and ready for the day with my morning routine. I have also feel less anxious and be more present.

What about you, what have changed about you since the beginning of the year?


  1. Hi dear, I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

    It was good to discover that you made a blog comeback, your posts are always meaningful since I feel that you're taking with honesty and you also add great visuals :)

    I totally agree with you, this is a year that many people wants to cancel, but for me it could be something more than just a failure.... we can't cancel it since there are a lot of good starting points from where we can reassess and explore many other points of views and possibilities.

    I am glad that you're finding ways to explore the world, but starting from the inside and taking the time to know yourself better.... definitely the best way to start making changes and I am happy to read that there a lot of possibilities related to mindfulness and selfcare that are making a big improvement!

    Hey Fungi

  2. What a beautiful skirt! :)

    it's so nice that you have a new morning routine that works for you and that you have been able to try out and adopt a lot of new habits after the lockdown :)

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend :)

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  3. We have very similar morning rituals, love meditating and getting on my yoga mat to start the day

  4. 2020 has been a year of spiritual growth for many and I am glad that you have stepped on this beautiful path of self-discovery. I am not curious to learn more about Akashic Records, wondering where I could get mine from. Sounds super intriguing! xx


  5. I am a lightworker too!! We should talk about all of this stuff more together since I'm also interested in all of this. Also, Marisa Peer's link is wrong. It takes you to Christina's Instagram.

    Curated By Jennifer

  6. I totally agree with you, something similar happened to me. By the way, great look!



  7. I completely agree with you that this year was year of growth. Because people can only grow when they are pushed from comfort zone and facing with something new and unexpected.

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  8. You look so beautiful in these photographs! I love that skirt so much. 2020 has truly been a challenging year. I love how you have taken this challenge to get in touch with your spiritually and get to know yourself better. That is such a beautiful thing! I need to get back in the routine of meditating. It's been awhile for me!


  9. So beautiful photos, this post is incredible


  10. So glad you are taking your spare time to learn ore about yourself and how to deal with everyday life. What a spiritual journey you went on I must try to do some pf the things here as life sometimes can be blurred I have been working taking time to grow a different business and put all my effort into secure a home of my own and lift my business lunabluegirl.com as it is fairly new Thanks for sharing this post Happy thanksgiving darling Cris


  11. Undoubtedly this year has not been easy for anyone but the most important thing is to keep going in the best possible way. My best wishes for you.

    P.S. I always respond to comments on my blog. You don't have to leave a link in the comments.

  12. This year has definitely been a journey full of opportunities and challenges. xx
    Elegant Duchess xx

  13. I can totally relate to everything you are saying babe, 2020 has definitely been the year of growth! :) xx


  14. This year has taught me a lot ❤

  15. Just stopping to say hello!

    Hope you're doing good and that things are going well on your end!

    Hey Fungi

  16. I totally agree that its been a great year for reflection. I have learned to slow down this year which was much needed xx


  17. I have to agree with you, this year has been difficult, but it was also a year of growth. I think I finally had the time to spend on taking care of myself and figure out who and what is the most meaningful in my life and if you ask me, everything I ever needed was with me all along. Hope you are well, babe. <3


  18. Your spiritual journey is really beautiful, and I also love to think and feel deeply inside me:)
    That skirt, too<3


  19. Insightful thoughts! I always love to read your blog!

  20. This is such a wonderful post, its such a great way to reflect on the past year. I think that this week I might do something similar and focus on my own year of growth!

    This year has been all about spending time on focusing on the small things and trying to figure out how that leads to the bigger picture. Whilst a lot of things are foggier than they were before, other things are clearer, and I am grateful for that!

    Amy x wandering-everywhere.com

  21. Insightful thoughts! I really like to read this kinda article from you!
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