desa potato head seminyak bali

desa potato head seminyak bali

Desa Potato Head Seminyak Bali

Desa Potato Head is an entire hub that houses the famous Potato Head Beach Club, Hotels - namely Potato Head Suites and Studios, Restaurants and Bar, and other wellness facilities like the Sanctuary. You can read my full review for Potato Head Studios Hotel here. Desa potato Head also taking sustainability seriously in all aspects from material used, using recycled hotel amenities, less food waste, and farm to table concept. They also have event line up series weekly that combines music, art, wellness, and culture.

Potato Head Beach Club

The OG Potato Head Beach Club was known as one of the first famous beach club in Seminyak area. Established in 2010, the company has now expanded to hotels and other facilities in the Desa Potato Head Hub. It has infinity pool with daybed and also has one the best sunset views in Seminyak area. It also houses the other restaurants Ijen and Kum on the second floor. The Potato Head Beach Club is also known for its cocktails and was awarded with Most Sustainable Bar Award in 2018 by Asia 50's Best Bars. The top three must have cocktails if you visit it will be Indo Mai Tai, Kookabura, and Barong Zombie.

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Restaurants: Tanaman, Ijen, and Kaum

A multi-sensory restaurant for the future where diners are invited on a cosmic plant-fueled trip through provocative plates and spirited drinks. Desa Potato Head’s Research and Development Chef, Dom Hammond honors each humble ingredient from root to fruit. Her magical hands and daring sense of creativity transforms Indonesia’s lush, tropical flora and botanical into full edible potential without a single cell wasted. With beautiful and immersive soundscapes setting the tone for an extraordinary dining experience rooted in a respect for plants that elevates them to the divine. Each meal is inspired by one of the five elements: air, fire, earth, water, and space - and paired with an equally thoughtful cocktail by master mixologist Hary Wahyudi. The menu draws only from a bounty of plants—along with a wild selection of mushrooms. Diners can expect dishes with components that are unrecognizable but with vibrant presentation. 

The second dining option, Ijen, is as vibrant as the Beach Club. Ijen focuses on sharing dishes, family style dining, simple and easy and definitely a fresh and fun option. There’s sustainability, and there’s nothing left over. Ijen is Potato Head Family’s imaginative restaurant that embodies the latter. With an overarching philosophy that puts an end to excess both in the kitchen and in its design, Ijen is the first restaurant in Indonesia dedicated to radical Earth-conscious practices. Desa Potato Head’s Executive Chef, Daryl Wonorahardjo finds inspiration in the daily catch, caught locally on hand-reeled lines. Beyond the freshest and most prolific from the sea and land, the new menu celebrates responsibly produced ingredients from trusted suppliers around the Indonesian archipelago. Nearly everything, from mackerel steak with tarragon and miso to prawns featuring rosella and strawberry relish, is cooked over open fire. Conscious cocktails are shaken and mixed with spirits infused in house. Anything remaining from the kitchen and bar is composted; fed to pigs at local farms, used in animal feed or fertilizer or recycled. Even the terrazzo-style dining room floor repurposes broken plates and chipped drinking glasses, and the furniture features ethically sourced Mersawa wood and plastic from motorcycle oil caps. From the oysters to the beans on the small revamped menu, Ijen is a model for responsible dining. 

Named after “clan” or “tribe” in Bahasa, Kaum is an authentic Indonesian restaurant that showcases recipes passed on for generations but were rarely recorded or shared outside the islands’ 600 tribal communities. Marking Potato Head Family’s commitment to place Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage at the center of the world gastronomic map, Kaum celebrates and presents a taste of Indonesia’s culinary origins inspired by the Archipelago indigenous tribes to a wider global audience. Guests can enjoy the sunset and experience the authentic Indonesian journey at Kaum’s hidden terrace. Kaum also offers experiential dining experiences such as Ring of Fire, a culinary adventure inspired by Dr Lawrence Blair’s documentary and many more to come.


A one of kind wellness experience only found in Desa Potato Head, Sanctuary brings immersive experiences such as breath work, advanced light sound vibration journey, and sound healing, and ice bath. Their technology advanced Light Sound Vibration journey is developed by Sistrum and experienced by more than 10,000 guests at Pyramids of Chi Ubud. Guests will be laying down on a water bed and the Light Sound Vibration technology augments the sound healing experience through the speakers and synchronized light frequency to stimulate deeply relaxed brainwave states. As the brain relaxes, it will expand the consciousness which then leads to new insight, healing, and heightened spiritual experience. 

Gym and Spa

The spa at Desa Potato Head have various massage treatment range from the classic, deep tissue, thai, or reflexology. You can combine this with their body treatment services like traditional lulur, scrub, or facial. For those wanting a more elevated energy healing experience, you can try their Energy Balance Session package that combines Reiki and Balinese healing practice to remove energy blockages. You can see the full Potato Head spa menu here. For those residing in the hotels, they also have fully equipped gym for workout. If you prefer a group work out, they also provide morning yoga and group exercise.

The Library and Studio Eksotika

The extensive in-house library lives inside the multi-functional Studio Eksotika space at Potato Head Studios. Featuring over 500 hand-picked titles covering a wide range of subject matter including music, art, fashion, architecture, surf, well-being, philosophy and local Balinese culture. You can also order drinks and have finger food while reading a book or working inside the library. See the menu here. Studio Eksotika is located inside the library and is a multi-functional space with retro style interior equipped with reflective floors, couches, and audiophile setup. 

Sunset Park

Sunset Park is a rooftop bar located at the third floor of Potato Head building. If you want to have a better sunset view other than at the daybeds by the beach, this would be a good choice. This open air space let us guests enjoy the sunset and vast ocean view while having freshly made cocktails. They often have DJ set and mini events in Sunset Park as well, making the experience complete.


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