universal studios singapore

universal studios singapore

Universal Studios Singapore | Tips and Guides

Universal Studios Singapore Overview

universal studios singapore has opened as part of the new Resort World Sentosa. We got a chance to have a blast in the first opening day of Universal Studios Singapore. It was on a Thursday and we were lucky because there weren't many people. See below for the Singapore Universal Studios ticket price, guides, tips, and all the themed rides.

the entrance

Singapore Universal Studios Ticket Price and How to Go

Singapore Universal Studios Ticket Price costs SGD 79 for an adult foreigner and SGD 75 for a Singapore resident. The child ticket cost SGD 59 and SGD 56 respectively. If you go on off peak days (Sundays-Thursdays) the ticket will cost SGD for an SGD 69 an adult Singapore resident and SGD 53 for a child ticket. You can buy the Universal Studios Singapore Ticket online to avoid the queue or you can buy it on the spot.

To reach the theme park, you have to be in the Sentosa Island first. You can reach it by car, by taking the RWS bus from the Vivo City bus station or taking the Singapore Express Train from Vivo City level 3. If you are taking the Sentosa Express Train, make sure to alight at the Resort World Station. Walk towards the Universal Studios sign and you will be greeted by a giant globe in front of the park. If you want to spend a night or two and go back to the Universal Studios, you can try to stay in Hotel Michael or Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.

The themes and Rides

The Hollywood Boulevard
Upon entering, you will be at the Hollywood Boulevard that takes homage to the Hollywood Golden Era and replicas of movie theatre and Hollywood star sign. You can learn how the movie production goes on and catch a great performance of your favourite character in the Pantages! There are also merchandises from different characters, so you can try to check it out.

adorable decoration of shops and the road itself!

Sci-Fi City

Sci-fi city is where the famous Battlestar Galactica is located. The first ride of the day in Universal Studios Singapore is that massive roller coaster, Cylon track and were only both of us in the whole 'spaceship'. The blue line is "cylon" track, while the red one is "human" track. Your legs are hanging at the cylon track and there is 360 degree turn, while human is  like the usual roller coaster with fast acceleration and sharp turn. I must say that the Cylon is the most thrilling ride of all! 

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Revenge of the Mummy
You will see Egyptian decoration in this area.  The indoor roller coaster is very nice! It has a story line, backward acceleration, and great movie effect! You have to try it by yourself, seriously! There is another family ride, but we didn't have enough time to try it.

The Lost World
The iconic Lost World celebrated 65 years in the making of the movie when the park opened. The ride is called Canopy flyer, we tried it twice. It's like a mini roller coaster where your legs hanging. It's fun that you can have a 'fast sightseeing' hahaha. Oh ya, they also have that kind of fast river boat, ready to get splashed!

Far Far away
Who doesnt know Shrek and the Far Far Away Kingdom? Catch a 4d movie inside the theatre, the show, and get a ride on the roller coaster too! I honestly think besides of the interesting 4D movie, it's great for taking a break and enjoying the aircon. Don't forget to take a picture in front of the iconic castle.

Madagascar is one of my favourite cartoons, so as you know! haha I couldnt stand the pretty tropical decor! Sadly one of their massive rides has not open yet, so we could not try that one.

Net black top, Max and more grey vest, Mango sateen shorts, Converse patchwork jeans sneakers, unbranded woven fedora, Aldo sunnies
just a simple and comfortable outfit for playing around at the theme park

New York avenue
We had dinner at Mel's Drive In located at the heart of Universal Studios Singapore. We had the set meal, the size of the burger is huge and I honestly love their friends. Their interior decoration is very pretty too! There are music juke box, neon lights, and iconic diner sofa. The vintage 60s decor will remind you of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. We entered right before dinner time while there were not many people, but when we finished eating, the whole place is full.

Hollywood Boulevard at Night - Fireworks Show

Later at night, there was a firework display celebrating the opening of Universal Studios Singapore, but it also happens every other night. It's a great way to complete your adventure at the park. To end the day, we dropped by the Souvenir shops to buy some merchandises and some chocolates. These shops close a bit later compared to the rides, so you can also get back later to shop.

In Conclusion

The Universal Studios Singapore and the whole Resort World Sentosa is a geat getaway in Singapore for adult and children alike. I think, the theme park is nicely arranged, they decorate it to the max, have awesome rides, a lot of food stalls and restaurant, and great merchandise stores. It is like carefully selected and planned despite their space which is not really massive. We are lucky that we could try almost all the rides, especially those rides-you-shouldnt-miss and we didnt encounter long queue. I hope the post can give overall picture of the venue. Well, of course to feel the thrill and excitement you have to find out and try it by yourself, and I hope you will have great fun and excitement as we did :)



  1. wiw. tu roller coaster lebih sadis dri yg d japan! i must try tht! pas itu sepi yah? enak dong naik cylon be2 ? hehehe

  2. So cool ci ! I will go to Singapore on May and I really want to go to Universal Studios ! Haha . Is it expensive ?

    Anyway , I love your vest ! :) Have a nice weekend ! xoxoxo

  3. Ahhh.. Seems so much fun!
    Love the hat. Cowboy-ish ;p

  4. omg c fhen
    u make me want to go there again!

    my sisters want to have blog but then their time are so fully packed so I decided not to let them have blog first!

    btw, i love your sneakers! is it converse?


  5. thx for nice comment on my blog! :)
    and now, I'm studying at Mardi Yuana catholic High school at Depok...

    btw, Universal Studios is so cool. I want to go there!
    and I love your vest and your hat!

  6. interesting place! worth to visit :D
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  8. niceeeyy.. hehehe.. it looks a bit smaller compared to the one in US.. tp mirip2 lah permainannya.. hehehe.. u look like u had fun! great pics :)

  9. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I went to universal studios in Florida when I was younger. Very cool!

  10. Oh wow! I can't wait to visit soon! Hopefully this summer :) Thanks for sharing these pictures it makes me want to book a flight soon!!! You (and your bf) take brilliant pictures, well donne Fhen!

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  11. haha are you serious?:O
    this looks so awesome!! i so wanna go there and scream , i adore parks.

    i bet you had super much fun,no?


  12. that's soo cool!
    it's been long time since I last play in the theme park! hehe
    seems the Univeral studio there is awesome too! :)
    nice pictures!

  13. huuuaaa jd kangen ke singapore ! hahaha..
    btw ini foto2 pake dslr fhen ? ato nga bawa dslr pas ke universal studio ? ehhehe

  14. Looks so much fun!Great photos-thanks for sharing them.Have a fab weekend!


  15. Aaahhh.. That's seem a lot of fun.. I bet you don't wanna go home after all of those rides.. Couldn't get enough of them.. Am I rite?? :D


    Come and visit

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    you loouk so fun there :D


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    jadi pengen ke singapore, jadi guide aku ya nanti,heheheh

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  19. woww the roller coaster looks so much fun!!! i really want to go there when i visit singapore. love your vest by the way

    xoxo nathalie

  20. thank you for your comment :D
    org indo ya? hehehe
    aduh gileee kren bgt univ studionya!
    msih bru lg, jd enk bgt kalo dtgnya sepi!
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    xoxo, bee ♥

  21. ENVY you fhen! looks like you enjoy the whole attractions there!
    definitely must visit when i fly to Singapore. =))



  22. jadi pengen ke singapore
    liburan ini mau kesana ahh
    enak ya kesana waktu masih sepi
    nyoba semuanya gag antri lama


  23. That was fun... I have an invite to visit Universal Studios Singapore from the management but I don't have the time yet... maybe before the summer is over, I'll be able to go.

    You are so cute and I love all the images. xoxo

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  32. Love the super blackish outfit of yours fhen! Seru banget sih tempatnya huhu pengen liburan deh~

  33. LOVE universal studios :D
    did you go in the house of horrors of whatever it's called? I was shaking for an hour afterwards.
    the shoes are actually from Rubi a few seasons back! Apparently nobody wanted them, and I got them at a warehouse sale :O
    thanks for the sweet comments miss

  34. looks like so much fun!!
    thanks for sharing darling
    and i appreciate your comments, it means the world!


  35. Omg how amazing those places look, so much fun!
    I am so happy for you, I can see why you had a blast:)
    Just to wish you Happy Easter if you do celebrate it:)
    And thank you for you comment dear, always great to hear from you.
    I enter Esmod school, I am excited to move to Paris next year, hehe:)


  36. asik banget udah ke universal spore!
    envy you x10
    but why aren't there so many people?

    nice pic too, you really capture the moment :)

    Castor Pollux

  37. Oh wow, I love theme parks, but it feels like so long since I've been to one! I remember crying because I had to leave Disneyland when I was younger.

    and I linked you :]


  38. aduh gila pengen banget masuk tapi terus2an ketemu "FULLBOOKED" arghhh

    gimana ceritanya bisa dapetin tiket masuk nih fhen? hehe. kmrn cuma lewat gitu doang hiks nasib...

    itu voto2nya uda kayak ga di Singapur tau, haha ckck ini negara memang deh apa2 mau aja. youth olympic games iya, universal studios iya, casino iya, hati2 tenggelam nih pulau terlalu banyak ikut2an :P

  39. wooow looks so much fun! love the photos :) your outfits so cool

  40. Looks like so mcuh fun! go again wit all of us ? :)

  41. my turn to experience the fun of Universal Studio asap after my project submission! haha. the rides look super fun fhen!
    it's was superbly nice to meet you and qin that day. we hv to meet again soon ok! love <33

  42. This looks like so much fun! So glad you had a good time!

  43. I'm excited to follow you now too :) xx


  44. aaaahh so envy at you Fhen,,,,,gotta have a ticket to fly me there real soon!!!

  45. oooo that looks like so much fun!!!!!!! I have to go there.

    Nice photos!

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  46. I want to go to Universe Studio too!! Seems so much fun!! I enjoyed all of your pictures!! <3

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  49. you captured Universal Studios and your entire day so well--I felt like I was there.
    Seriously, how crowded was it on opening day? You're brave to go the first day it opened.
    Anyway, it looks like you had the perfect day, and now I'm really really wanting to go to an amusement park myself!

  50. Ohmigosh this looks like the most fabulous place on earth. I love the little streets and shops that line them. And Mel's Drive-In looks adorable! As do you...your outfit is so cute! I'm so glad you had a great time, my love!! :)

  51. These pictures look great! I wish I could be there some day...

  52. amazing. Looks like so much fun, I havent been to a theme park for so long. Love your outfit too, that vest is cute.

  53. I'm all for releasing inner children! (Okay, that sounded weird and IT WASNT SUPPOSED TO.) Looks like so much fun.

    I want to go on a roller coaster now.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  54. wow seems so fun! :DD
    gede banget yah universal studios nya ? i cant wait to be there :) great outfit like usual dear.. loves!

  55. fhennn.. i'm going to singapur on april 7-11 berharap gw bisa Universal Studio.. aw aw * i can't wait* thank you for the info ya..btw,love your picture fhen :)

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    seru" gx sayang? :)

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    wish i can go there! hukhuk. anyway may kira2 spore mid year sale ga ya fhen? thinking to go there


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  60. envy you, i wanna go there so badly

    roller coasterny manteb tuh ci, yg universal laen kalah kykny :P
    thks for ur comment btw :))

  61. I love this !!!! Looks so cool.. i really want to go haha.. But I live in Holland haha... Love your outfit btw that hat looks amazing

  62. Wow, amazing pics, wish I could go there too!

  63. so much fun!!!!
    I would love to visit it!!!

  64. so fun! jealous of your vaca :)


  65. my favorite is the mummy just because goes fast and its so much fun
    looks like you have tons of it


  66. I can easily guess you've spent an amazing time there!

  67. it looks like so much fun!

    the original universal studios out here looks VERY similar to this one! bizarre!

  68. love roller coasters..did you guys ride all of them?

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  70. that looks amazing fun. i love theme parks.

  71. Wow!!!! THis one looks even better than the one in the US!! I wanna gooooo!!

  72. Oh my God,sweety!
    You make me so jealous..
    You must know, I really wish I could going to there(someday)..
    And who doesn't know Far Far Away?
    It's kingdom on Shrek's movie. Right?
    The roller coaster make me so curious..

    Anyway, I've already link you.
    Wish you linked me back.

    Happy Easter ;)

  73. It looks all very big, hollywoody, and fun. How our whole world should be, right?

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    i bet you really enjoy and had a lot of happiness on there (:
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    Rianna xxxx

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  80. I haven't been to Universal in YEARS. You're making me wanna go!! Super fun pics. :)

  81. Looks like a great place to have fun! I've been to the Universal park in LA but I was quite young so I don't remember much of the rides. The Mummy section looks awesome!

  82. So happy to see you had a wonderful time at Universal Studios. It looks really cool and I'm glad Singapore has one! Awesome photos! xoxo

  83. Wow, this place looks like so much fun! You're so lucky you have such a great amusement park near you!

  84. Wow this looks like a lot of fun! Great pics!!! xoxo

  85. looks like so much fun! i went to disney land as a kid, good memories...

  86. i definitely need to go there!!!
    waaaah! it's amazing, even just looking at the pictures...

    love your casual outfit...really fit for a day out in a theme park. :D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  87. love it!
    you have an awesome blog
    keep it going! its great source of inspiration
    thanks for sharing as always darling!


  88. looks like fun. I want to go on a roller coaster right now!

  89. aww, aku jadi mau ke universal nih :D hahaha, keliatannya seru bgt apalagi yg cylon. trus itu lgi sepi enak bgt :] hehee

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  91. thanks for sharing your trip. i can say i've been there already! i heard it costs $68 for entry! it does look like they've replicated the whole look. i was never quite crazy about theme parks. i went to the one in states at the wrong time, jurassic park was closed. but i enjoyed the E.T. ride at disney.

  92. i wanna go thereeee..actually i choose sing as my trip for next month but my besties prefer phuket T_T


  93. looks like lots of fun!


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