legoland malaysia

legoland malaysia

Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia, how to get there

Had a short holiday to Malaysia and visited Legoland Malaysia with my friends. It is a spontaneous idea but finally we have a look of this recently opened theme park at Johor Bahru. We took a Johor Express bus from Singapore Queen St bus station. It was very affordable, I think around SGD3. Upon reaching the Johor Bahru JB Sentral Terminal we took another bus which is Causeway Link that will take us straight to Legoland. Scroll down to view my Legoland review.

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Legoland Malaysia rides

Overall I must say that for my age, the park is great for a bit of fun and walking around. 70% of the rids are for younger kids. Nevertheless, I still enjoy the roller coasters, splashing ride, carnival games, and really enjoyed our stroll throughout the park. This was our first ride, the four seated Lego Technic roller coaster. the track was narrow and steep, giving you a whooshing movement on every turn.

Train that will bring you around legoland.

Two dragon roller coaster: the papa dragon and kiddy dragon. We took queue on the wrong side and was amazed by the roller coaster ride that was too short, apparently what we're looking for is on the other side. the bigger roller coaster. The big one starts indoor, with some diorama kind of story telling.

There were also indoor ride where you are placed in a battleship to shoot the lights and at the same time escaping from the hot hot heat. One of my favourite thing is the game a la carnival such as throwing can, rolling the ball, etc.

Our clothes were all wet during this water ride!

Some kids ride, including the boating school and driving school. The park also has 4D Movies and skyscraper viewing platform to be enjoyed by everyone.

Overall i had fun in the amusement park, but as a thrill seeker, the rides here are just for fun. Maybe it is also related to their audience that targets younger kids if we compare to Universal Studios Singapore. And this is my outfit for the playful day.

unbranded bag and jacket. Forever 21 pants. Picnic moccasin.




  1. Legoland looks so much fun! And I love your casual and sporty outfit ci! x


  2. WTF Legoland!!!!! Now this sounds muuuch better than Universal Studio! You hv the coolest jacket ever ;)


  3. Legoland! I want to visit c:
    I'm really amazed about the
    sculptures made out of lego's!
    I'm loving your jacket btw Xx

  4. loving the jacket and the shoes<3


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  6. The perfect Outfit for this Day :-)
    You have a interesting Blog, when
    you want we can follow each other,
    let me know i would be happy :-)

    xoxo Kira

  7. geek, vasity and houndstooth, they're all in trends rite noww! lovely legoland!!

    http://lisaandherworld.blogspot.com :D

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  10. bebeb kerennn!! suka tasnya pake banget ;) hehe..

  11. I wish I'll go there one day >.<



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