sephora mini make up kit review

sephora mini make up kit review

For today's beauty review, I would love to show you guys the mini make up kit that I got for my birthday from Sephora. 

within its small packaging, it comprises 4 eye shadow, two lip gloss, and one blusher. Such a perfect to go kit, because the colours are mostly neutral shades. It is also equipped with mirror, but has no brushes, so i recommend you to get a pack of travel kit brushes along.

The eyeshadow colours are vivid and blends naturally. nude - brown - silver - black

eye shadow shades. i use three colours, except the silver one

closer look of the blusher - natural peach colour and i use the bold pink lipgloss which has great coverage.

well this is my very first beauty review. i rareeeely do  close up shots. so i was like figuring the good angle, and still i can't smile.

details for this look:
  • Sephora make up kit eye shadow and lip gloss
  • Kameria bb cream 
  • Make up forever loose powder 
  • Loreal mascara
  • Bare minerals highlighter

what do you think? what's you make up to-go kit?

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  1. nice review! :)


  2. Great review; you look gorg!


  3. thanks for the review babe!! i always wanted to try out some sephora products.

    oh btw thanks for your sweetest comment on my page. gosh u are such a pretty girl

    hope we can keep in touch :) im following u

    xx Michelle


  4. hey sweetie! i just followed you back!

    thanks for following ^^

    you're soo pretty!

    Hey do you have any other social media? I want to follow you there too, and hopefully you would follow back :D I'll leave you mine

    Facebook / Instagram /Twitter / Chicisimo

     - Hannah's Heels

  5. wow, you are so pretty ! aand this collors are amazing, you look great with them. ;)

  6. Pretty girl! :) This make up kit looks great!

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